Ask a busy person

The theory goes that if you need something done, you should ask a busy person to do it. Recent evidence suggests that if that thing is blogging, a busy person is not going to have time for that as well! I’ve thought about posting a lot over the last few months, but things are busy at work, and the dark weather has played havoc with my mood and energy levels. When you are just about making it through the things you have to do, adding things you want to do seems an unattainable luxury.


On the other hand, I’ve managed to finish a few projects, which I’ll post about in coming days (as I try to find time to take pictures of them!) and I’ve got quite a few on the go again. This was something I did at Christmas as well, and I found it worked quite nicely. Even if I’m working on just one thing, I like to have the illusion of choice. If I’ve only got one thing on the go, it takes on the feeling of *having* to do, which makes it a chore rather than the fun project it’s supposed to be. At the start of March, I found myself back in that situation, and immediately had a wade through my stash, my craft books and my Ravelry library to see what I could do remedy it.


I don’t know if others do this, but I use my library for things that I want to make, as well as patterns I actually own. Otherwise, I find myself having to look in too many places for the patterns I want. Sometimes I’m inspired by a pattern, and sometimes I just really, really want to work with a particular yarn, and generally the only way to solve this is to open lots of tabs, spread skeins out all over the desk, and rummage away until I’m happy!


The upshot of my happy rummaging is 4 projects genuinely in-progress, and another 4 or so that are ‘pending’. They fit nicely into this adorable case that I bought in the sales.

With the illusion of choice, I find that I actually work quite happily on one thing at a time until it’s finished, which has lead to a surprising number of FOs lately. Very satisfying!


Of course, I’ll only be properly satisfied once I can get decent pictures and blog about them. Then there’s my works in progress, oh, and the massive stash clear-out that I’ve been doing over the last month or so. That should keep this place busy for a while, I hope!


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