A couple of weekends ago, I came down with my second cold of the winter and while confined to bed, I decided that it was a good time to go through all my outstanding Works in Progress.

No, I don’t know why I thought that either, but it stopped me getting bored, and was less mentally challenging than actually making anything. I gathered up all the project bags I could find, dragged them onto the bed and set to work.


Gosh, frogging* is satisfying. All this lovely yarn that had been tied up in projects I no longer loved. Rip-rip-rip it all out, then wind-wind-wind it all up, and suddenly, I was down to just the one project on the go.


I’m starting to think that I will still be making this shawl at the last syllable of recorded time. It’s taken me so long, I almost don’t want to finish in case that brings on the apocalypse!

With my brain in its befuddled state, I didn’t want to take on anything complicated, so I spent the rest of the weekend stitching up an enormous scarf – things go awfully fast with a 10mm hook – and pondering what I wanted to make next. That proved to be the hats that I showed you on Friday, and once again, I was down to no works in progress

At which point I got twitchy. I don’t like not having things on the go. Being as indecisive as I am, I like to have a range of things that I can just pick up, depending on my mood. And yes, I am one of those people who takes twice as many books as I need on holiday, because I don’t know what I’ll want to read, then I end up buying something at the aiport that lasts me the whole trip. It’s a thing.

So the past week has been spent in a fairly determined slog through my Ravelry library and stash, matching patterns to yarn, finding yarn in the garage, finding even more yarn in the garage, updating my Ravelry stash, sorting through all my paper patterns, and generally getting a grip on my crochet and knitting life again. The amount of actual stitching achieved is relatively low, but I sometimes thing that half the fun in this sort of hobby is the dreaming. It’s the wishing and wondering and hunting and sorting and – when yarn is involved – the squishing. I tried out various pattern and yarn combinations, only to find that the yarn was too stiff/soft for the stitch pattern, or the pattern was more complicated than I thought and not worth the effort for me.

Eventually, I settled on these as my rotating* set of projects for the next few months:

*Neither I nor the projects will ACTAULLY be rotating. That would be silly. Whereas, of course, starting ALL THE THINGS at the same time is perfectly sensible

December Collage
[I didn’t notice my rather selective colour pallette until I put this mosaic together. Strange how these things go…]

My plan is to have a knitting project, a simple crochet project, a garment and a complicated crochet project on the go at any one time, with a couple of quilts in the background for when I have the time to sew. To that end, I’m making a Hitchiker scarf, a blanket using a motif from this book, an All Shawl, a Verdant shawl, a Phoenix shawl and a Flame Scallop Cardigan (my versions are all in my projects folder on Ravelry. Then there’s a quilt pattern that I’m working on and a secret project that I can’t talk about yet. While that sounds like a lot (okay, okay, it is a lot!), it feels just about right to me, for giving me the range I need to suit my mood. If I’m going to have time to sit and concentrate, I can work on the cardigan. If I need signs of instant progress, I can work on the All Shawl with my 9mmm hook. If I need to be able to talk and stitch at the same time, the Verdant shawl doesn’t need much concentration. And there’s a knitting project too, just to keep my hand in.

It’s not as haphazard as it looks, although it might just be a little crazy 🙂 Does anyone else approach their projects like this?

To see if other people are having more sensible weeks, head over to Tami’s Amis here, or click the picture below.



16 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: STITCH ALL THE THINGS

    1. I expect I’ll have at least one more cold – I seem to go down with everything going! At least now I’ll have enough projects to keep my busy while in bed 🙂


  1. I try to have a variety on the go, too. A couple of easy knit and crochet, and a couple of projects that require a bit more attention (sweater, lace, etc.) and usually a sock for its portability.


    1. It does feel good, especially since I’ve got past the “I *should* make this” stage of my crafting life. I’m now strictly into the “I *want* to make this” stage, and loving it 🙂


  2. I with you on having lots of projects on the go. I am concentrating on one at the moment as it needs to be finished for Christmas I am looking forward to casting on some new projects soon for some variety!


  3. I ought to sort out my wips at some point…
    It makes perfect sense to me to have several projects on the go, though I usually start them in a staggered manner, like oh I’m a little bit bored of this one/stuck, let’s find a new shiny! 🙂 Hence all the wips…


  4. I’ve been using startitis to avoid the 3 major items already on the needles. I just keep making hats, cowls, and small items that I don’t have any idea of who will get them. Oh well, it’s using up yarn and I am staying out of bars. LOL


    1. Hee! Every time I start something new, DH asks “who’s that for?” and looks at me funny if I say it’s for me. The next question is usually “where are you going to put it?” He seems to think there’s such a thing as ‘too many crocheted/knitted/quilted items’. Silly man ;D


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