FO Friday – Topping out the week

For various reasons, my WIP list is very small at the moment, which I seem to be making up for by writing lots of posts and saving them as drafts instead of posting them. Ah well, at least I’ll have plenty of content for next week!

This week, I’ve managed to finish two hats, which is something of a tactical error in two ways. For starters, I’ve only got one head to wear them on! Also, the weather has turned incredibly mild for the time of year, and wearing either of these is likely to result in some serious over-heating.

Even so, I’m pretty pleased with them.


This one is my Phoenix hat, made with Knitting Goddess Same Difference Sock Yarn in Kingfisher. It’s hard to tell, but it’s actually made from 2 half skeins with reversed colours. It’s a subtle effect and one I rather like, as is the checkerboard pattern which continued all the way to the top.


Rather than just use a normal button to finish off, I crocheted a little cover for a plain button and sewed it on, an effect I’m rather pleased with. After some thought, I did end up blocking the hat gently before I sewed it up, just stretching the main body a little to give it more slouch. I’m glad I did, because the result is just the sort of hat I was looking for.

Speaking of which, my other hat has been one of those perfect projects, where the idea, making and execution just work somehow, and everything comes together to make exactly the thing you had in your head.

(oh dear, what a wonky picture, but at least I look suitably happy with my hat!)

After seeing Claire’s newsboy hat here, I had a wave of nostalgia for this sort of hat, which I used to wear a lot as a teenager. After a couple of false starts, I settled on this pattern, using a nice springy DK called Bothy by The Yarn Yard. The colour is wonderful and impossible to photograph – in person, it’s a deep, strong, rich purple.


With the instructor’s permission, I crocheted through most of my First Aid course earlier in the week, and so got the whole thing done in two days, which was wonderfully satisfying! The brim is stiffened with some plastic sheeting that we bought for a DIY project, and was the only part I found rather tricky. Trying to hold it down and trace the shape at the same time proved pretty much impossible, so I just cut the piece much larger than it needed to be and trimmed and trimmed and trimmed until it fitted. The pattern was reasonably easy to follow, although I would say it’s more of an ‘advanced beginner’ pattern than a very simple one, as it wasn’t always obvious where rounds were starting and finishing. But it was very adaptable, and I added quite a few extra rows to give it the depth I wanted.

It was just about cold enough to wear this yesterday, and I’m pleased to report that it kept my ears suitably warm! To see if other people have made more seasonably appropriate things this week, head over to Tami’s Amis here, or click the picture below.



6 thoughts on “FO Friday – Topping out the week

  1. If you lived here you’d have BOTH hats on your head at the same time;) They are really gorgeous. Fabulous colors and very flattering.


  2. It’s certainly been cold enough here for you to wear your hats … love the newsboy one! Which pattern did you use? – I rather fancy making something similar someday!


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