FO Friday: Genevieve Gloves

Before I start today’s post, I thought you might like to know that I’ve decided to go with ‘Adventivity’ as a name for yesterday’s make, in case you were wondering! Which you probably weren’t, but I like the name anyway.

Over the last few months, I’ve finished quite a few things that I can post about, which is a nice feeling. Compared to some of my other projects, these were a very quick make – my Ravelry page suggests a week, but I think the stitching was more like four days, with the rest being the time it took to buy buttons, sew them on, then block the finished mitts.


Mitts? Gloves? I’m never quite sure for things like this. They have fingers, but not whole ones, and ‘fingerless gloves’ never sounds quite right. Let’s say mitts for now. Most of the body is made using half-treble (UK) stitches, which makes my favourite kind of fabric. Doubles are always very stiff, and trebles too airy for something that needs to keep you warm. Somehow, I always think half-trebles are best.


The pattern is this one from Inside Crochet (not available online, I’m afraid), and the yarn is by Nimu (now closed :(). I only used about half a skein for them, and bought my buttons from Darn it and Stitch (who now have a shiny new online shop!), of course. Incidentally, on Wednesday, I was talking about colour runs in crochet – you can see what I mean here, where the runs of the different colours sort of blur into each other rather than the checkerboard than I’m getting from the Tunisian stitches.


They were a lovely, easy and quick make (but do pay attention to the errata), even if they were a bit of a pain in the neck to block. I ended up rolling up a tea towel, slipping the gloves onto it and pinning them in place. It looked like some kind of strange medieval invention, but it worked! They’ve been perfect for this transition weather, and also for someone who likes to get their phone out every thirty seconds to check it 🙂 In the midst of making some bigger, more complicated projects, it was great to have something swift and satisfying to work on.

To see if others are as happy with what they’ve made this week, check out Tami’s Amis or click the picture below.



4 thoughts on “FO Friday: Genevieve Gloves

    1. The buttons do seem to be a big hit! I caught my mother trying the mitts on this morning when my back was turned, so they’re proving popular all round 🙂



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