NaBloPoMo Day 17 – relocation relocation

I think this picture and the time stamp on this post tell the whole story of my day, really. Most of it has been spent ferrying things From the study to the garage, ready to start turning it from a general dumping ground into a light, airy study and music room. Of course to do that, some pieces of equipment have had to be relocated, and the living room is looking a little crowded, but hopefully it's going to be worth it.
(the black thing in the foreground is the computer monitor, and yes, that is my sewing machine set up as well. Well, with this much in the room, what's one more plug?)

It's been one of those long, hard-working days, but at least I feel like we'd actually got somewhere by the end of it. And who needs step aerobics when you live in a flat on the first floor and have a garage on the lower ground? At least I will sleep well after all that exercise, even if it means most of my frequently used craft supplies have been given a new home in the garage. I'll let you know how I manage without them later in the week!



3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 17 – relocation relocation

  1. Hi Laura, I just wanted to stop by and ask if everything is OK with you as you’ve been missing in action for quite a while. I know winter isn’t your favourite time of the year and I hope you are coping as well as can be expected. Hope you are finding lots of time for some crochet and knitting! Take care.


  2. Hi Laura. I was just wondering if everything is okay with you as I haven’t seen you in blogland for a while… Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year and that you are managing to find some time for knitting and crocheting! best wishes Laura


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