NaBloPoMo Day 14 – The Great Winter Tights Experiment

Rather than the usual WIP Wednesday, today I'm announcing the start of THE story of the winter: which tights really keep you warm when the temperature starts to drop?

The thing is, I'm not really a leggings person. They're the obvious choice for this weather, layered with boots or thick socks, but somehow they just don't quite work for me. It doesn't help that I can't find boots big enough to go over my calves*, so my ankles tend to freeze when the wind is blowing. To that end, I've done some shopping.

The selection up there is from Primark, BHS, M&S and the brand Pretty Polly. All claim to be heating or warming or fleecy or to offer some such protection against the chill of winter. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be pulling them at random from the bag by the bed and testing them against the worst November can throw at them (and me!). I'm going to be rating them on comfort, fit, price, how they survive being washed, and (most importantly) the ankle-wrinkle-factor, which for those of us short of leg but wide of hip is a major consideration when buying these things.

It'll be a week or so until I have my first numbers for you, but as I go on, do let me know what your favourite tights are – are there any brands that I should add to my list?

*I have some boots from Duo that have done me nearly 2 years, but while they fit well at the calf (minor miracle) they're so big on the ankle that they sag, the folds dig into me, and the zip has pulled away from the leather. I've had them repaired once, and probably will do again, but it would be so lovely to have a pair that fitted in both places!



6 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 14 – The Great Winter Tights Experiment

  1. I’m afraid I go for the trousers option most of the time (even in summer) … but when it gets really cold I add silk long johns underneath which really do the trick. I bought them when we lived in Canada and I really wish I’d invested in a few more pairs!! On the odd occasion when I feel a skirt is necessary (rarely!) I have some tights (brand name Falke) which are quite good but I confess I wear them with knee length boots, so this doesn’t help you much!


  2. ooo loving this! I just discovered the primark super soft ones. They feel great on but havent had much coldness or bad weather thrown at them yet. 😛


  3. Dorothy Perkins. Oh man, I miss Dorothy Perkins tights – interesting colours, good fit, nice and toasty if you go for the thicker ones… Even H&M have their moments, and at least here they have a good winter range in (a lot of which feature wool, sadly, otherwise I’d have bought some by now).

    For the boots issue – I feel your pain! Have you looked in New Look extra-wide section? They’re surprisingly decent quality, and often have extra stretchy bits and/or laces to accommodate sturdier calves 🙂 And I just bought some mid-calf Blowfish ones which have become my compromise – not the most stylish thing you’ve ever seen, but comfy and warm, so I don’t care >.<


  4. I got my boots from Evans as they do a wide calf option. They are gorgeous and have lasted a few years. I haven’t been back since because my boots are still going strong, but it’s worth checking it out if you are in the market for a new pair.

    With regard to tights, I get mine from Boots and I only get a little ankle wrinkle 😉 I’ll look forward to hearing your reviews though.


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