NaBloPoMo Day 13 – Today is High Productivity Day

There's a line in one of my favourite Doctor Who Audio Adventures, “Today is high productivity day”, although you have to imagine it broadcast over a tannoy in a totalitarian state to get the full effect. Um. Maybe I'm not selling to you.

Moving on…

Today has been a high productivity day so I will interpret the quotation in a positive way instead. With a day off work and only lunchtime booked, I was able to get a good block of time to sit at the sewing machine for a change, as my empty thread spools can testify. I have my Nannie's collection of threads, and it's lovely to be able to use them up, not to mention the fact that I will never have to buy thread ever again.

As well as quilting and binding, I also spent a very happy couple of hours wrestling with a tricky pattern, the results of which I won't be able to tell you about for a while, but I'm remarkably proud of anyway. It was so satisfying to be able to take my time, and I attempted more ambitious quilting than I would normally take on. Admittedly that also meant that my seam ripper and I spent a lot of quality time together, but I feel so much more confident about machine quilting now. Next up: free motion quilting! Although judging my the ache in my shoulders, I may have to some weight lifting first to build up my strength.

By the end of today, I had an extremely satisfying pile of quilts that only have hand-sewing left to do. And on a cold November night, I can think of much worse ways to spend the time than curled up sewing binding onto a cuddly quilt.

Definitely a satisfying stack. I shall have to book myself more quilting holidays in the future!



2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 13 – Today is High Productivity Day

  1. oh how lovely! Sewing days are such fun. I can’t do them anymore, but I remember how satisfying it is to spend a day sewing and achieving so much in such a short time. The pile of quilts is tantalizing!


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