NaBloPoMo Day 10 – A Day

The funny thing about blogging every day is that you spend a lot more time during the day thinking about what you're doing. And even on the dullest days, such as when you spend most of it in the garage or ferrying things to and from the garage, there's always something worth saying, or something to remember.

Today was, for the most part, dull. We worked on the flat, I tidied then filled the garage, we hoovered. Actually we hoovered a lot, since every time we moved something, it seemed to have even more dust underneath it, including the hoover!

But it ended well, with a trip to see Skyfall with a friend (more on that tomorrow), then a nice walk home to bacon butties and bed. So yes, a fairly normal day, with work and play and not a lot of rest, but a gentle satisfied feeling that we Got Things Done. Oh, and I got wool!


All the way from New Zealand, no less. The picture can't capture the colours, so looks like that's something else for a future blog, as well as telling you what it's like crocheting with possum!



2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 10 – A Day

  1. Possum yarn? Now that is one I hadn’t seen before. Can’t wait to hear what it is like to work with.

    My blogging problem is remembering the things I thought to blog about when I actually have the time to do so! That and a serious procrastination tendency. 😉


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