NaBloPoMo Day 9 – A good sort out is good for the brain

[first of all, apologies for the photo quality in this post. They're taken with my iPad in poor light, but I hate posting without pictures!]

Today was mostly spent happily wandering in, out and around vintage stalls and shops in London, all of which has left me rather worn out. My friend is an expert vintage shopper, and had considerable success as well as being a great guide to a part of London that I don't really know, Portobello road market.

So this evening, what I really needed was something unchallenging, and as I kept making mistakes in my crochet pattern, I wanted to do something that wouldn't need undoing every 10 minutes!

These are the folders I keep my single craft patterns in, either the ones I've printed or ones I've torn out of magazines. Keeping the whole magazine just isn't always practical, so often I'll pull out the ones I think I'll make, and I try to keep them filed away for future use.

Unfortunately, more often that not, my filing involves putting them on a pile to 'get to later'. Well, I decided that tonight is later! I've been through the heap of patterns and magazines, as well as the folders themselves, sorting, tearing and deciding whether or not I'm really going to make them. It's gone pretty well so far.

Keepers on the right, recycling on the left. Having done all the sorting of the patterns themselves, I now need to get them into plastic wallets for storage. Then I need to go through the folders themselves and try to put them in some sort of order – it's no use having them all if I can't find the right hat pattern when I want it because it's in the middle of a load of scarves!

On the other hand, I'm probably putting as many new patterns in as I took out. And of course I keep getting distracted by all the pretty things I could make. Particularly the hats. I'm in a hat mood at the moment for some reason, and I have a sneaking suspicion the perfect one is in there somewhere. This could take me a while…



One thought on “NaBloPoMo Day 9 – A good sort out is good for the brain

  1. I have such problems with the doing this. I have four massive lever arch folders filled with patterns from magazines in plastic sleeves like yours. I now have another huge stack of magazine to sort through and I don’t think they will fit. I think I will try your approach of winnowing out stuff I really don’t think I’ll ever make. I’m also hoping that I will reduce this problem by changing over to digital magazines. I’ve cancelled the subscriptions I can do and I have two left that will finish within the next 9 months. Then I hope to change over to digital for them too. It means I won’t have the paper cluttering up the place and it will hopefully be easier to find the pattern I want and either print it off or read it on the laptop. It will be good to stop the toppling stack of paper I have in my house!


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