NaBlPoMo Day 3 – Books books books

I'm afraid my next couple of posts are going to be rather brief, thanks to illness and a couple of busy days. Looking around yesterday, I realised that when I'm ill, I don't really want to be crafting, as it's just too much effort. Instead, what I love to do is get my piles of books out and do some planning instead. This was the pile on my bedside table yesterday:

These are the ones in the study:

And there are more down in the garage:

Oh, and there's one under the halogen heater to give it a hard surface to sit on, but I probably shouldn't admit that

While there are some books that I never open, most of my collection is pretty well thumbed, to the point where I really try only to buy now if the book is going to add something I didn't already know. The way my brain works, I tend to have an idea, then go to my books to find out how to do it – I like to jump around from project to project, and since I never know what I'm going to want to do next, I like having a collection that supports my short attention span! I'm not sure if you can see the titles from my pictures, but if you have a 'must have' book that you don't see there, I'd love to hear about it!

Then of course there are the notebooks:

Lots of notebooks:

And what's in the notebooks? More on that tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “NaBlPoMo Day 3 – Books books books

  1. Heavens! That is a lot of books. I own lots and lots of books, but hardly any are craft books. I get most of my crafting inspiration from the web. I hope you feel better soon though–You have lots to accomplish!


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