NaBloPoMo – Day 1 – Making Space

One of the things I'm most looking forward to about blogging through November is taking the time and space to get some of my thoughts in order. Getting the words and ideas out of my head and onto the screen not only acts as a reminder of what I was thinking or feeling at any given time, it also clears space in my brain for new thoughts.

Lately, I haven't been doing much making beyond a bit of crochet or knitting here or there. My sewing machines are sadly neglected and piles of fabric and UFOs are building up everywhere. It's starting to feel very crowded in my head, and I'm hoping that over the next few Thursdays, I can go back to using the blog as 'my creative space' and clear some of the backlog. The actual 'My Creative Space' link party that I used to join has moved onto a different platform, so for now, I'm just going to playing along on my own over here – although of course you're welcome to join in! It's hard to articulate exactly why I've felt so blocked and jumbled creatively lately.

Oh, hang on, no it's not:

When we moved into the flat, I immediately claimed the study as home for my craft supplies, sewing machines, tools and some of my stash. And of course the computer and piano. So it was already a little cramped, but then we needed somewhere to store DIY equipment.

It's just such a faff to get out my sewing machines that I haven't been able to face it. Instead, I've been moving from knitting to crochet and back again, being all restless and indecisive. The problem has been that during the last couple of months, I've had (what I think are) some great ideas for quilt patterns. But I can't get near my machines to make them, and there certainly isn't space in the living room to lay anything out for design work.

Well. Unless plumbing supplies are going to be incorporated in my quilt design. Ooh…actually…

In the meantime, my notebook and iPad have become very precious resources for me. They've got copious notes, sketches, pictures and crazy ideas in them, most of which will never go anywhere, but just some of which might be the creative spark I need.


My aim down to Christmas is to clear my WIP pile as far as possible. That doesn't mean finishing everything – some things will be declared abandoned, and the remnants put into the scrap box – but it does mean clearing the decks, literally and figuratively, so that in the new year, I can throw myself into new projects without the old ones hanging around my neck. And that includes things around the flat like repainting windowsils or sealing worktops. By the new year, I either want to have finished things or to have pinned down exactly what I want to do with them.

Then I can get creative.

What about you? What helps/blocks your creativity? Any tips or tricks or just plain mad ideas that have pounced on you lately?



2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Day 1 – Making Space

  1. I can quite see why you haven’t been able to do much lately … crafting and DIY rarely sit well together, especially if like me you need to be able to leave things out on a table while you’re working …. I imagine this would result in your work being splattered in paint pretty quickly!

    The main creativity blocker for me is stress … something I’m grappling with at the moment as we’re gearing up for yet another move. You would think crafting would be diversionary, but I can’t settle well to anything if I’m stressed .. and even less so as I always feel out of control with the moving process (it’s a company move and we have to wait for the company to arrange things and they only talk to my husband ….and I’m a control freak!). However deadlines focus the mind, so Christmas is winning over the stress for the time being!

    Looking forward to seeing some of your ideas when you can finally get to the sewing machine!


  2. I can see why that “craft” room would be sapping your creativity. I go through phases where I can’t settle and flit between projects, or even don’t do anything crafty at all for a while. It does come back eventually though!


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