Year of Projects #5/WIP Wednesday: Frozen Dreams

I’m afraid I’m going to have to start this post with something non-YoP related, because I’m just so excited!

That, my friends, is a fridge freezer. In my kitchen! I realise that for most people, that’s an every day occurrence, but since we moved into the flat last April, our freezer has been in the garage. The garage that is down a flight of stairs, out the front door, down a ramp, round to the back of the building. You can imagine that when it was tipping it down with rain, it was hard to summon up the fortitude to put the peas back. But that’s not a problem any more!

What was a bit of a problem was that they delivered it at 7.30 Sunday morning. 7.30!!! They were supposed to text 30 minutes in advance, which would at least have given me a chance to wake up. Instead, we heard the van outside and had to quickly engage in speed dressing. If it was an Olympic sport, we’d be gold-medallists. But none of that matters (nor does the 90 minute battle to get it out of the box and in place :S), because we have a freezer! In the flat! Hoorah!!!!

Yay!!! Woot!!! And more hoorahs!!!

Okay, I’m done now. Mostly.

*ahem* Where was I? Oh yes, Year of Projects.

As I’ve been at this for a month now, I thought it was probably time to revisit my Year of Projects list and see if I’m actually making any progress. Whether I am or not, my brain feels a lot happier having the structure, so that’s a good thing, but I’m interested to see if I’m actually making progress, as my priorities have been turned on their heads by circumstances this month.

Works in Progress

I’ve crossed out some clothes from this list, because they just weren’t working for me. Better to let them go than struggle on with things I don’t love. The two cardigans at the bottom of the list are also destined for frogging. With the constraints on my time, I’d rather be making one-piece garments that I can try on as I go and know whether or not they’re going to fit. Having to make it in pieces and guess is just not something I have the time for. Speaking of which, I haven’t done a stitch on my Damson for the last fortnight, and under the circumstances (see below), I think I’ll be finishing it in Menorca rather than wearing it there.

Projects I’m committed to

Well, I got one leaving present done, but another has popped up, so despite the success of my qushion, I can’t cross that one off quite yet. I did get my swap shawl done, though, so that’s something.


This is the section that has been eating the time from other projects. I think I said in my last year of projects post that doing the list had released my brain to feel properly creative. Well, that’s sort of paying off, in that I’m rattling through things that I’ve been wanting to make for a while.

I always want to call this sort of picture an Action Shot, although as it’s just lying there, drying away, I suppose it should be an InAction Shot. Still, the yarn is blocking beautifully!

I should have the pattern for this scarf ready to go soon, and I’ve been working on a template for my patterns so that I can start putting them online. Then there’s the knitting pattern, then there’s a silk pattern, then there’s the toy pattern… The list is just going on and on at the moment, so that my brain is full of numbers and maths most of the time and choice of fonts for the part that’s left! And my sketch book is filling up fast.

I mean, this is a good thing. I’ve been wanting to get patterns my patterns properly downloadable for ages, and having so much going on in my head is the kick I need to get that done. But still, I am missing be able to make things for me once in a while. Between designing and the DIY, I think I’m going to have to put myself down on my ‘Christmas makes’ list, just to be sure I finish something!

Speaking of good things, Look at this little lovely that I got from The Undercover Owl the other day.

why, is that yet another design-in-progress sticking out of the top of my bag? You know, I believe it is…

Isn’t it lovely? I also got some special treats for being in the run up to her 100th sale, which had me terribly excited on Monday morning. I have to say, as someone who has only ever used project bags I’ve made myself, I am loving using a really well-made, well-designed bag. Mine are fine, but they err on the practical side rather than the attractive. This one is fabulous 🙂

Oh, and as if this wasn’t enough excitement for one week, look at this!!

Peppers!! My other plants are showing very little interest in fruiting, the two on the kitchen windowsil are going great guns. I can’t wait to try them!

To see what others have been up to this week, head over to Tami’s Amis here or by clicking the picture below.


8 thoughts on “Year of Projects #5/WIP Wednesday: Frozen Dreams

  1. oh what a happy week! I would love to have a chest freezer in our garage, but none of them are warrantied for garages despite the world and his wife having a freezer in the garage 😦 We have a fridge-freezer in the kitchen but could do with a larger one for bulk cooking.


  2. Loving your fridge freezer….so cool not to be looking at the ice-cream melting as you can’t summon up the energy to go outside!

    You’ve got lots going on….good for you for actually writin your patterns down, whenever I actually make something that came out like it looked in my head, I’ve never written them down! Typical….as soon mind as I write it down, it’s fit for th bin!

    Love the scarf….great colours….also love your project bag, my fave one was made by a clever friend and I chick things out often to fill it with whatever I am currently working on.

    Have a Great week!


  3. What a lovely scarf, and ooh I love the project bag! I received one in a swop a while ago and it’s such a useful thing to have. And I feel your excitement with the fridge freezer- at the moment we only have a fridge with an icebox but we’ll be getting a proper freezer when we move in a few months time, I cannot wait!! It will make life so much easier! Laura x


  4. We sure could use one of those freezers too…always lacking space in the one above our fridge…the scarf is truly a thing of beauty and is turning out fantastic…I have a fabric project bag but sadly not one made by a friend….but in colors I truly lovvve….so it was worth the buy…..I’m glad you’re design creativity is flowing for you so well…keep up the hard work, it will truly be worth all your effort…


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