FO Friday: Transformations

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my quilt earlier in the week. As your empty inboxes may suggest, I’m still working on the whole ‘replying to comments’ thing, mostly due to a bad attack of work busyness that’s more or less wiped me out. I’m starting to write this on Thursday night, already in my PJs and wondering if 7.30 is too early for a grown up person to go to bed. (the answer turns out to be ‘no’)

For my second secret of the week, I’ve got another quilt to show you. But not just any quilt, oh no. After all, when I have I ever done anything the easy way? If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram (I’m jadesfire2808 on both) you might have already seen this picture:

I think I said when I posted the snap that I was going to be pleased with this project. The fabric is Lotta Jansdotta’s Echo range, which can still buy bits of in the sale sections of some shops, and which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. The only problem was, when it arrived, it just wasn’t….it’s hard to explain, but I couldn’t imagine what to make with it. So it sat and sat and sat on the shelf, waiting to tell me what it wanted to be. Turns out it was this:

Which turns into this:

Yes, folks, I made a quillow! Or a question, as I insist on calling it, because to me, a pillow goes on a bed, a cushion goes on the sofa. It’s a Brit thing.

I used Nova’s tutorial here, which walks you through all the steps, including how to fold it up once you’ve made it, which is definitely useful! For the back, I used white flannel, with a scrappy strip down the middle.

I’m calling it a design feature, not a ‘how could I have not have realised my backing isn’t wide enough’ feature. Ahem.

The (ex)colleague I’ve given it to is performing up in Edinburgh for the next month, so the qushion will be doing sterling service already. The embroidery on the front is a quote from A Little Night Music, my favourite musical.

As hoped, I’m really proud of this one. Let’s hope the quilt I’m going to make for my other departing colleague goes just as well. In case anyone remembers Cyril the snail he’s going to have a cameo role!

To see what other folk have been up to this week, check out Tami’s Amis here or click the picture below.

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7 thoughts on “FO Friday: Transformations

  1. I’m with you on the cushions for sofas / pillows for beds thing!! Great qushion (my spellchecker really doesn’t like that!) .. fantastic fabrics. I would have had a hard time giving it away!


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