Year of Projects #4: Triumph and failure

Thanks for your comments last week – I’m still working on replying to them, but I will get there. I tend to reply by email, so if you get a late response from a random blogger, that’s me!

I’m doing a bit better this week, and starting to feel a little more focussed. It’s funny how deadlines will do that for you.

This unpromising-looking pile is the backing for a quilt that I need to finish tonight. It’s the ‘leaving present for colleague’ from my list. Unfortunately, I’ve actually got 2 colleagues leaving this summer, so as soon as I get done with this one, I need to get going with the other. Most inconsiderate of them – don’t they know I’ve got a list to get through!

More details on this later in the week, but once again, I’m proving that sewing in a straight line is not my forte. Let’s not talk about how many of my corners do/don’t meet, shall we? I’ve even got a 1/4″ foot and manage to sew wibbly. Going slower doesn’t help, and nor does going fast. Any top tips for me? I’m really sick of having squiffy squares!

I’m also making real progress on my rainbow scarf design. It turned into a real engineering puzzle, but now it’s going, it’s lovely easy stitch. I’m working on it in pretty much every free moment, and hope to have the pattern ready to go by my birthday at the end of the month.

My swap shawl is actually, finally and completely finished. Ends woven in, parcelled up and ready to go in the post tomorrow. Because it’s secret, this black and white picture is all I can show you, but I’ll make sure to get some photos before I send it off. There’s a whole blog post behind that one!

Hope everyone else is having fun with their lists! A month in, and I definitely think I’m feeling the benefit of having such a specific list to choose from, rather than wandering off in every direction that catches my eye. And I think it’s been beneficial for my creativity as well – instead of rushing out and making things that I’m not happy with because I haven’t thought them through, I’ve been using my notebook to write everything down, sketch it out and iron out any potential creases before I even get to the stitching stage. It’s much better for my brain in all respects

How’s everyone else’s year of projects going? Enjoying it so far?


7 thoughts on “Year of Projects #4: Triumph and failure

  1. Wow, I am curious now to see the shawl. I hope it will arrive soon to its destination. I agree with you the year of project’s list give me some good argument before to buy more yarn. I think I still have all this project to do, I have the yarn for it, so why would I buy this yarn… But to tell the truth, I think I am already preparing the list for next year.


  2. What an entertaining post..Don’t ya just hate inconsiderate friends? LOL… I can’t sew for a hill of beans..I applaud you for doing it even with crooked lines!


  3. This is why I am married to an engineer. I can neither draw or so in a straight line. He does all of that. In the future, I would request that your friendsgive you appropriate notice before announcing life decisions, so that you can make sure it works for you. Really, you need more lag time between events.


  4. Fifteen years of quilting under my belt and I STILL can’t sew a straight line. Best advice- don’t point out the wibbly bits and chances are most folks won’t notice them. You aren’t hanging a copy of the pattern next to the finished quilt so they’ll just think it’s a design element. Let them!


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