Year of Projects #1: It’s all very hush-hush

You know, there are days when my own lack of timing astonishes me. No, really. I have an absolute gift for starting the wrong thing at the wrong time, and no matter how many times I do it, it still surprises me.

So I shouldn’t be surprised that the two projects I’ve done the most work on this week – my secret project and my scarf – are two of the things on my list that I really can’t talk about.

Seriously, that’s all I can show you.

The secret project I’ve been working on is finished (woot!) and I’m waiting to hear back about it. My shawl is coming on nicely, and I’m managing to add a few rows each day. I can’t wait to talk about it, though, as the amount of maths involved has been brain-breaking.Unfortunately, it’s still a secret swap, so that post will have to wait for another day.

But don’t go away! I have two things that I can talk about, and that I really need to keep the momentum going on.

Last week, in a fit of enthusiasm and ‘I NEED to make this’, I started a quilt. I’d hoped to have a quilt top by the end of the weekend, which was always ambitious considering the list of chores I usually have on a Saturday morning. Instead, I’ve managed to attach all the moustaches, applique 3 rows of them (remembering after three of them just how rubbish I am at machine applique – ugh!) and sew 2 rows together. At the current rate, I’m hoping that I’ll be at the hand-sewing stage of binding by Thursday, and that I can get it done at my craft evening with friends.

The other thing I really want to do this week is add at least 2 rows to my Damson shawl.

This is a shawl that keeps having to go into hibernation. First of all, I got all the way to the edging and discovered my stitch count was completely wrong. Then I had to put it aside for projects with deadlines. Then I totally messed up a row and couldn’t face working out how to fix it. But I really want to wear it on holiday in September, so I’m taking a deep breath, picking it up and plunging in again.

Oh, and the other thing I’ve done is whip round and insert as many pattern links into my Year of Projects page as I could. Always happy to help with enabling!


12 thoughts on “Year of Projects #1: It’s all very hush-hush

  1. Can’t wait to hear more on the secret knitting, I’m always at that to lol. Love the links and yes they do help with enabling but then hey I may run out of projects for future knitting lol.


  2. The secret project is either grass-related or is a tantalizing peak at something that looks like union jack fabric! I’m not good at secrets … can you tell?

    The Damson shawl looks great!!

    But a quilt top in a weekend? What were you thinking? And with moustaches?!?!?!?!?!


  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with ambition! Aim for the moon and reach the stars, or however the saying goes. Looking forward to reading and seeing more. I love Damson, it’s been on my list for a while.


  4. Oh yes, a deep breath and plunge in. Often I find getting up the nerve and energy to get a project restarted is half the battle!

    As for quilts, those usually take me a year or two, so I’ve had to pick myself up of the floor when you seemed to suggest that you could do one in a couple of weeks!


  5. That’s the good things with my egoism, no secret, everything is for me… or I can easily talk about it on my english blog, as all my friends read only the french one…

    I am looking forward to see those little secret projects. Dawson seems to go slowly but surely.


  6. I always get so frustrated when I can’t post projects because they’re secret πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to them being revealed though.

    Good luck with Damson – I hope it behaves!


  7. Wow, a quilt in a weekend, it’d probably take me years! And good luck with the shawl, I know what it’s like to have a project that keeps going badly, but it’s such a good feeling when it’s finished!


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