WIP Wednesday: Cyril, the iPad and me

Hello, all, and thanks for the lovely comments on my last post. The sad news is that since I reported its arrival, I’ve found more than a few problems with my iPad, and I fear I’ll need a replacement. Has anyone else had problems with it just opening and closing things at random, without your even touching the screen? Talk about ‘the ghost in the machine’. Not unreasonably, Apple have suggested resetting everything, then installing the apps one by one to see which might be causing the problem. I’m kind of hoping that it misbehaves right away – the thought of installing an app, waiting a day, then installing the next and on and on does not fill me with joy!

But enough of that! On to happier things:

Isn’t he sweet? This is Cyril, destined to be the centrepiece of a cushion, or possibly a mini-quilt, I haven’t decided yet. He was drawn by a colleague of mine who’s leaving this week, so this will be my parting to gift to her. I love embroidery, although I really only do outlines. It’s just so effective!

I also need to decide whether or not to ‘colour in’ between the lines, although I have to say he looks pretty good as he is. Any thoughts?

Incidentally, one of the things I can see my iPad being really useful for is tracing pictures like this to embroider. I have a slightly odd set up at the moment with a glass dining table and a desk lamp on the floor, but getting it straight off the screen at the right height could be a much more cunning plan. How do you guys trace your embroidery?

To see what other people have been working on this week, head over to Tami’s here or by clicking the picture below.


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Cyril, the iPad and me

  1. I have had a few problems with things closing without any notice and I worked out what it was (OK, Andy told me what I was doing wrong!!). I was running out of memory (I have an original iPad) so that it couldn’t continue running whatever the app was that I was using at that point in time. I hadn’t realize that, if you double-click the button that you would normally use to come out of an app it brings up a list of all the apps that are open and running in the background. I naively thought that when you came out of an app, it closed! If you press and hold any app icon in the list it then gives you the option to close it down probably (click the minus symbol that appears). I find that if I make sure I close down apps completely on a regular basis that I have enough free memory to run everything I want to run and it doesn’t crash out of apps suddenly. Hope that makes sense … of course, you might have a completely different issue with your new iPad but it’s worth seeing if this is the problem first before you reset everything.


  2. Feeling lucky again that I don’t even own a smart-phone… can’t help on that.
    Cyril is an absolute cutey, though. I’d put in a few of the hatching lines (if you still have the time). I think he will look more ‘finished’.


  3. Cyril is very cute. I saw a blog once with illustrations outlined in embroidery and then coloured in. although I can’t recall whether it was with crayons, or pencils or something else. It was very effective though!


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