I might be slow, but I get there in the end…

I think the subject of this post applies to many things going at the moment over here. Actually, one of the reasons it applies is that there *is* so much going on! I meant to take a series of pictures to document my Saturday, since I was spending most of it on my own, but really, I only got as far as this:

I feel like the weekend passed in a blur, mostly because I didn’t stop except to sleep! Having got up early-early to meet my mother for coffee, I then did the library, the local farmers market, the supermarket, the garden centre and Wilkinsons. Then I came home and did the washing, the tidying, the hoovering and chores generally, then spent the evening cooking 7 curry dishes.

Yes, you read that right. 7 curries. One evening. I even made my own naans (as an aside to dairy-free folk, make them with soya milk – they’re lovely!). Then we had church on Sunday, people to lunch (hence the curry banquet), and then we cleaned out and reorganised all kitchen cupboards. Oh, and I wrote up a knitting pattern I’ve designed.

I came back to work yesterday for a rest…

While the above might sound like I’m showing off, it’s really good for me to see it all written out like that. The problem with doing so much in such a short space of time is that I can be left with the feeling that I haven’t actually managed to do anything.

I really should have taken more pictures, and have added Instagram to my phone so that I remember to use it more. I’m very bad at new social networks, so it might take a while to get the hang of it! If you’re on Instagram, let me know so I can follow you πŸ™‚ I’m jadesfire2808 over there.

Most of my recent pictures have been of curtains or sheets or bins that we might want to buy. Oh, and the girl in front of me’s cardigan while I was walking down the street earlier. It was cool, okay?? But I do have a snap of the sewing I managed to get done last night:

I had a huge pile of half-square triangles left over from a quilt I’ve been working on, and after coming across them while doing something else, I had the sudden impulse to sew them together. I think this is going to be the front of a cushion cover for me for work. Gotta love HSTs

Apart from that, I think I can only really show you this:

which is a teeny glimpse of the knitting pattern I’ve been working on. I’ll check to see if I can show you any more, but I think it’ll have to stay under wraps for a couple of weeks.

How’s everyone else doing? Keeping busy? And don’t forget to let me know if you’re on Instagram!


3 thoughts on “I might be slow, but I get there in the end…

  1. Life is nuts around here! I’ve been busy purging, packing, and otherwise getting rid of things. I suppose moving halfway across the country does that, right? We can’t take everything πŸ™‚

    So, not a lot has been done in the way of knitting but, otherwise, yeah…lots of things have been going on πŸ™‚


  2. Looks like you managed to get loads done … 7 curries and naan bread are impressive on their own. Looking forward to seeing what your knitting pattern is!

    I have instagram and, despite having it on my phone, I never use it!! Oh well!


  3. Impressive list of accomplishments, Laura!
    The color of your mystery project is one of my favorites!
    Do fess up soon to what you are doing, please
    Today I discovered that I need to complete 24+ cup cozies
    by June 20th instead of 12, so I need to quit typing and
    continue crocheting…I have 8 done so far πŸ™‚
    Joy to you and yours!
    Gracie ❀


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