WIP Wednesday: Crocheting for Britain

Hello, all. How’s everyone doing? The UK has been melting somewhat over the last few days, so I hope no British friends are too lobster like! The clouds did gather earlier, probably just in time to soak everyone with a short monsoon after lunch and will no doubt return for everyone’s street parties at the weekend. But on the other hand, the British aren’t really happy unless they’re moaning about the weather, so maybe it’s for the best.

I’m going to be working on both bank holidays, but I’m doing my bit for the patriotic cause:

Since this is for a swap, I can’t show you too much, but I absolutely love the colours and the yarn. It’s an Austermann 100% merino (bought at Darn it and Stitch), and it’s perfectly smooth and springy. Normally I wouldn’t work an Amigurumi in good wool, but it’s been worth it – you really do get a better finish.

It’s been nice to get some good crocheting time after spending so many hours knitting recently. While I really do love knitting (now), picking up my hook again has made my fingers itch to get more on the go. Handily, I’m taking part in a swap on Ravelry, and now that I’ve finally chosen my yarn and pattern, I’m really looking forward to getting it going properly. I don’t think I’ll be able to post any sneak previews of that, so you’ll just have to be patient!

Anyone else having to work the bank holidays? Or do you have exciting plans for the long weekend?

To see what other folks have been working on this week, head over to Tami’s Amis here or by clicking the picture below.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Crocheting for Britain

  1. Sadly it isn’t a holiday weekend here in Germany (although we had a bank holiday this Monday, so I can’t complain!), but the weather has been gorgeous and it’s been lovely to be outside more. Hope you enjoy the jubilee weekend despite having to work!


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