Plant Progress Report (now with added donkeys)

How’s everyone doing today? My head still hurts, but it looks like I have a thick enough skull to have survived the encounter relatively unscathed. Also, I have paracetamol and I’m not afraid to use it!

Thank you for all the words of comfort on Wednesday. Or do I mean the horror stories? Makes me grateful that I only had a few rows to rip out! And no, I haven’t figure the repair out yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do 🙂

No Finished Object this week (though don’t forget to check out Tami’s like normal). But everyone wants to know how my seedlings are doing, don’t they? Don’t you? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway 🙂

I fear the aubergine situation is getting a little out of hand. There are 9 in small pots and another 5 still in the seedling tray. Then there’s all the peppers as well. I sowed plenty of seeds because I assumed not all of them would come up. Now it turns out that my windowsil is apparently the perfect place to grow aubergines. We could be eating a lot of moussaka this summer…

Oh, and this was a bit of a surprise! When I moved all the plants to these pots, I had to re-use the soil, and it looks like some seeds ended up in the wrong pot. I won’t know for a while whether these are peppers or aubergines, all I know is that they’re not basil! Looks like I’m going to need more pots.

The spinach is coming on nicely, and should be ready to eat soon. The trouble with baby spinach is judging when it’s big enough to eat but not so big that it’s no longer ‘baby’. It’s all a learning curve!

While we’re talking about happy things, did I mention the donkeys? At the weekend, we visited the Michael Elliott Trust who for a minimum donation let you wander the field and pet the donkeys.

It was money well-spent, I have to say. Up to and including the moment when one decided to try to eat my husband.

In this photograph, I am mostly trying not to fall over laughing

No, really. He’d crouched down to take a picture of me when a donkey came over and had a good go at knocking him over. When that didn’t work, it got a firm grip on his jeans, not in a ‘ooh, I wonder if this is edible’ kind of way, more of a ‘this is mine and I’m going to eat it’ kind of a way. We got him free in the end, but he did have to wait until I’d stopped laughing and could breathe again.

Do go and see them if you’re in the Peak District. They do amazing work with children and are completely dependent on public donations. And who could resist this face?


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