Lack of FO Friday

I’m finding it hard to believe it’s really Friday. Really? This week seems to have gone on forever!

Sadly, despite the dragging days, I don’t have a finished object to show you this week. I’m sure lots of others do though, so remember to head over to Tami’s here to check them out.

Since I seem to be in the middle of about eight things at once, I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to finish off this week of happy things. Thanks for all the plant tips, by the way! I’ll let you know how they’re getting on – I now have about 9 aubergine seedlings, 8 peppers and the basil is starting to get out of hand! They all need re-potting, and I think some are going to have to migrate to the kitchen windowsill to make room.

Anyway, while I was tidying up last night, it occurred to me that I do have some new, happy things at the moment. These:

Since Inside Crochet went downhill, the only crochet magazines I can get hold of are from America, and if I’m honest, neither Crochet Today nor Interweave Crochet are really doing it for me at the moment. Instead, I have a couple of knitting magazines that I’m growing to absolutely love.

The Knitter is the longer-running of the two, and feels like the more ‘advanced’ title. The patterns are all beautiful, and the articles tackle some advanced techniques. If I’m honest, the latter are more or less gibberish to me at the moment, but I’m saving them for when I need them! It’s just a lovely magazine to read.

Knit Now is more of a newcomer – only 8 issues so far – and I already love it. The writing style is lively, the patterns are simple but pretty, and the forum on Ravelry is a nice place to hang out. But for me, the real selling point of this magazine is the information you get with the patterns.

They tell you how much the yarn cost, where they got it, and whether it’s an hours, days or weeks-type knit. For someone just starting out, this is invaluable – I know how to buy yarn for crochet, and although buying for knitting isn’t so different, it’s still nice to have someone holding my hand.

Both magazines have become must-reads for me. The Knitter feels more aspirational, more ‘I’ll get there one day’, like an ultra-stylish friend who’s lovely with it. Knit Now for me is much more of a mate, someone who’s happy to sit down with you and walk you through things.

Any other ‘must reads’? What’s the magazine you buy every month? I confess to also having a weakness for Sew Magazine, which often comes with a free pattern on the front. A good freebie will often get me to buy something!

If you’re not too weirded out by my anthropomorphising my reading material, then do pop back in on Monday – I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to take part in Sew Mama Sew‘s blog giveaway day, and I’ve got some lovely things lined up for you, whether you’re into sewing, knitting or just pretty things!


2 thoughts on “Lack of FO Friday

  1. I agree with your choices of magazines. I decided to subscribe to The Knitter last year, and I haven’t been disappointed with that decision. When Yarn Forward started going downhill, The Knitter seemed to get better. I love their masterclass features and I particularly like that their patterns can be easily removed and kept separate without having to make a choice between which pattern to keep, like I have to with Knitting Magazine. I can’t keep all my magazines so I only keep the patterns I like and the articles that interest me. The rest goes to recycling about 2 months after purchase.

    Knit Now is a lovely magazine, and I really like how they have a gallery of patterns that you can see through the plastic cover. I hate not being able to see the pattern contents of a magazine because of the freebie I’m not interested in! But you are right about the way Knit Now lays out it’s patterns. I also like that most of the patterns are fairly small scale projects that don’t require vast quantities of expensive yarn. They are aware that many of us are on a budget!


  2. The Debbie Bliss magazines are often good – I prefer the winter ones, as they’re full of chunky, woolly cables. They don’t come out very often, though! I shall keep an eye out for Knit Now – good tip!


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