It’s the little things

I promised you a week of happy posts, didn’t I? Here goes Day Two!

To you, this may look like a jumble of pots and cooking vessels on a windowsill. To me, this is my herb and vegetable garden! I have no access to outside space for growing things, and for practical reasons, we can’t have external windowboxes. So everything I grow has to thrive indoors and, if I’m honest, needs to be able to survive my extremely-novice gardening skills.

My record isn’t brilliant. For quite a while, pretty much everything we brought into the house died. Even the mint. Yes, I managed to kill mint. That takes talent. But I went into Wilkinsons for something completely different the other week and found myself sucked into their gardening promotion. I came away with a pile of seed packets, pots, trays, a bag of soil and a huge amount of hope.

To my utter amazement, at least one of everything I’ve planted has come up. Sometimes more than one! Let me give you a quick guided tour.

Starting on the left-hand side of the picture at the top, I’ve got mint (yes, I’m trying again!). Then a tray of spinach. Next to that is some rocket, chives and to my complete astonishment, 2 aubergine plants that have actually come up.

In the middle is my faithful old parsley that’s been going for yonks now. I trim it, it grows back, we’re both happy. Then in the glass tray are some herbs that I had to split (basil and thyme) and coriander that I’m hoping will do better than the supermarket pots. The ones that we’ve brought home in the past have just keeled over within days, probably because the stems were so long. Hopefully growing it from seed, I can keep them at a height they can cope with.

Finally, I’ve got a couple more aubergine seedlings that are coming on nicely, and a couple of pepper plants that aren’t dead after all!

I think my husband thinks I’m a little crazy for checking my tiny plants three times a day, but they’re honestly giving me so much pleasure. Knowing that I put those seeds in earth and now they’re growing feels almost like magic!

Now all I have to do is get them past the seedling stage. It does seem a little mean that I’m then going to chop them back to eat them, but never mind. There’s plenty more seeds in the pack!

Oh, and I almost forgot, watching over them all is my chilli plant, that should probably be nicknamed The Great Survivor.

It had lovely chillis on it when it came back from the supermarket, but within 10 days it was shrivelling and going brown. Ever hopeful, I moved it to a bigger pot, moved it to a sunny spot next to the heater and just left it for a while (normally my plants thrive on neglect!). 10 days after *that* I noticed some little green leaves. 1 month on, and I have flowers!

I’ve done the rubbing thing, so hopefully, I might even get some more chillis from it.

As you can probably tell, I’m rather over-excited about the whole thing. Any tips for a novice? That windowsill really is all the space I have, so no triffid recommendations please 😉 What are you guys growing this year?


5 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. It may be some comfort to you to know that you aren’t the only person to manage to kill mint. I’m not sure it’s as unkillable as people make out…


  2. want to share some of your mint killing techniques????? (mine broke a sunken pot and spread through the whole garden!!!!
    only tip—and from experience, not a book…..herbs/veggies need LOTS of sun (usually 8 hours a day) and don’t need to be smothered with watery love. Maybe a foray outside would be to their liking every once and awhile. (I think that would also “harden” them up.) (Believe me, I’m no expert here!)


  3. I totally understand that excitement. Its creating all the same, only you just have a part in the process and then stand back and marvel at the way things grow. Can I also say that is one great looking chilli plant, you must be doing something right! x


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