This way to Happy

Thanks for your replies to my post last week, folks. I was really, really nervous posting it, but these things need to be out there in the sewing world as much as they are in the knitting one. If this was any other type of company, they’d be on Watchdog! Please, if you’ve been hesitating about posting on the subject, have a think about what you’d do for a non-craft company that treated its customers this way. And if you don’t want to write your own, you’re welcome to copy and paste as much of my post as you want.

Right, that’s the serious stuff over with (phew!) time for some happy! Having been out of blogging for a while, I thought it would be good for me to spend this week catching up on all the lovely things that have been happening to me lately.

First up, I wrote a guest post for Susan over at A Crochet Addict I even have a shiny badge to prove it!

Just click the badge or here to have a read of it. Ironically given my recent absence, it’s about blogging, commenting, and making yourself feel better, not worse.

Second up, this is a long, long (LONG) overdue thanks to Ali at Very Berry Handmade for helping me with a long-desired project!

Isn’t it lovely? Some of you may have already seen it over at Ali’s, but this is an ‘action’ shot of my wonderful craft roll, stuffed full of everything I need for crafting on the go.

Yes, I did wrap the crochet project in there as well!

I’ve had this roll in mind for over a year now, but knew my sewing just wouldn’t be up to actually making it. Also, I kept changing my mind about it, so by having someone else make it, I couldn’t keep moving things around! Ali ‘got’ what I wanted right away, and it was great working with her on all the little details. Being a jack of all trades, I needed something for crochet hooks, knitting needles (straights and circs), pins, needs, scissors, stitch markers, and a big pocket for my patterns. Oh, and I needed everything to stay put when I closed it!

The outer fabric is by my favourite designer, Kate Spain, and Ali chose the interior colours to coordinate. I deliberately chose a wrap with ties rather than a popper so that no matter how much it is or isn’t holding, I can get it open and closed. It’s going to be perfect for putting in my suitcase for holidays, and I can’t stop showing it off to everyone I meet 🙂

This was a special commission (Ali’s own post about it is here), but I’m sure you just need to talk to Ali if you’d like to commission one of your own! I have to say, though, the collaboration was one of the best parts of the project for me. Working with someone who actually understood what I was asking for, and was happy to change things to suit me was brilliant. I could get used to this!

To see the other lovely things that Ali makes (when you see them, you’ll see why I knew she was the right person to make this!) check out her Folksy shop here.

Thanks, Ali!


2 thoughts on “This way to Happy

  1. Fantastic to see it in action! Thanks for the lovely mention, and I am so glad you enjoyed the commissioning process – it’s one of the things I worry about.. the final product has to live up to the original idea!


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