WIP Wednesday: One thing at a time

Gosh it’s wet here at the moment! I had to get my wellies out this morning, although that’s not that much of a hardship. I ❤ my wellies!

As regular blog-readers know, I’m not famed for my ability to concentrate on one thing at time. At present, I have 3 knitting projects, 4 crochet projects, 5 quilts and 3 skirts on the go. Not to mention all the little projects that I really do mean to finish in one go, honest.

But that’s why I like my stash-down A-Z group so much. Having the deadline of the end of the month really helps me concentrate and it’s incredibly satisfying seeing something grow at a decent pace for once.

The letter for April is F, and I’m making this Feather and Fan, half-moon shawl. Never mind that I’ve only ever completed 2 knitting projects, I decided that laceweight was the only way to go.

The yarn is Fyberspates sparkle lace, which is just lovely, and although it’s black, I’m not actually having too much trouble with it. There are subtle variations to grey and back which stops it being dull. Not that anything with sparkle in was ever going to be dull!

It’s just starting to show signs of rippling! Even more excitingly, on some rows, I even have the right number of stitches. I’m not worrying to much and am just fudging it to make it work. No one but me will ever notice!

Of course, I should probably confess that I’m not *only* working on this this week. I’m teaching a crochet class on Saturday and so am currently making up some samples. It’s at Darn it and Stitch (places still available if you’re in Oxford on Saturday afternoon! Details here) where we’ll be exploring some ‘beyond the basics’ techniques, using Doris Chan’s Crochet Lace Innovations as our starting point. We’re doing some Tunisian

And some Broomstick Lace

as well as talking about the basics of shaping for making amigurumi and hopefully covering foundation stitches as well. To me, these are parts of a crochet toolkit, so that you can mix and match what you need when you need it, as well as having a better technical understanding of how crochet works. It’s a lot for one class, but the idea is to give folk a taster of lots of different things and explore what crochet can really do!

To see if anyone else is actually succeeding at only working on what they’re supposed to be working on, head over to Tami’s Amis or click the picture below.


8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: One thing at a time

  1. Laceweight already – you’re really going for it with the knitting! Good for you! I still shy away from laceweight, mainly because my first experience was with kidsilk haze – beautiful but not for beginners I think!

    I love your wellies 🙂


  2. Cool wellies!!! I’ve just bought that Doris Chan book … and am trying to find a hairpin lace loom (not being handy enough to make my own … or maybe just too lazy!!). Shame I can’t come to your class!! Good luck getting all those samples ready in time.


  3. I love the shawl, it looks like it’s coming along really well! I’m doing 12 in 2012 to keep me motivated and moving along with shawls and getting through my stash. 🙂


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your shawl is gorgeous. I don’t love working with the finer yarns hence smaller hooks. I still have Broomstick lace on my list to try.


  5. I wish I was going to be in Oxford this weekend! Your class sounds like fun (And I wish I knew about the shop when I was there!)
    And, I love the sparkly shawl! Kudos for using lace weight! (My never-ending knit is current in lace-weight) 🙂


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