FO Friday: I think I need a lie down…

Remember this?

Well, after 4 days, I had this!

Now, before anyone thinks I’m the fastest crocheter in the west, I should say that I had a lot of time on Sunday to spend on this. I travelled to and from London on the coach and tube, as well as a couple of hours with my mother. Also, I totally cheated and skipped the picot edging, partly because I thought the shawl would look better plain and partly because I totally misread the chart. Ah well, I still think it looks good.

Pattern: Elise shawl
Yarn: Nurturing Fibres Classic Sock Wool (picked up in the PHOP swap in York)
Notions: 5.5mm hook, 1 stitch marker

But probably the most interesting stat is that this shawl represents about 5.5 hours of crocheting. Now, that’s with a big hook, and it was a 2 row pattern repeat, so I pretty much had it memorised, but even so, that feels pretty quick to me. If I’d spent my normal amount of time on it (about 45 mins a day), it still would only have taken me about a week to make.

Then, of course, I pull out the pattern I’m working on at the moment:

This is The Neverending Shawl, aka Critron. 3.5mm hook and laceweight yarn do not a quick crochet make, but more to the point, there’s row after row of single/double crochet in this shawl. And it’s SO BORING. The difference between making solid fabric and a lacy one is huge, and I definitely prefer lacy. On the other hand, I’m kind of satisfied with Critron, and the fact that I’m still plugging away at it. The silk fabric is just gorgeous, the colour is lovely, and it’s going to be a fantastic summer shawl.

So next time someone asks me how long it takes to crochet something, I’m going to have a better idea of what to tell them!

That’s 4 FOs in 4 weeks. Anyone want to take a bed on how long I can keep this up for? I’ve got quite a few things at near finishing-point at the moment, so hopefully my streak will continue for a while yet!

To see if others are having the same kind of run, head over to Tami’s here or by clicking the picture below.


7 thoughts on “FO Friday: I think I need a lie down…

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your crocheted version of Critron. Is this your own pattern? I’ve seen and bookmarked the knitted version; but also would be interested in the crocheted version. To me, this one with it’s shape is prettier, and perhaps dressier? I like straight forward patterns, to me they’re not boring…I rarely get to make anything where I can concentrate so something that’s repetitive, that can be done with people talking, something you can pick up and go with…is very appealing. I can see this in a pretty shiny yarn for an evening out….


  2. I haven’t made an Elise, but it’s cousin (Southbay Shawlette) worked up really quickly as well. I recently made a shawl with lots of DC and it drove me mad but it the end it was sooo warm and soft. The yarn you are using for the Critron is beautiful and I’m sure it will be worth the effort.


  3. I love the color and the laciness of the blue shawl. It looks great! I can’t believe you made it so quickly!

    I can’t wait to see the “Neverending Shawl” complete. It looks beautiful!


  4. Great colours on the elise!

    I look foward to seeing your neverending shawl finished – do you think it will be too stiff for wrapping around the neck? I have recently abandoned one of my WIPs that was neverending sc.. I spent weeks and weeks on it and the progress is so painfully slow!!!


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