WIP Wednesday: So close!

I’m rather late getting to the blog this week. How’s everyone doing? Amongst all my other projects at the moment, I’m trying to get my netbook up and running so I can read and comment on people’s posts at work. Considering my netbook is about 5 years old and feeling its age, I think it might be time to start trying to persuade J that I need an iPad. Anyone fancy my chances?

Moving on to what was supposed to be the point of this post, this is what I’m working on this week:

I wish I could show you how green this actually is, but no amount of colour adjusting could get there.

This is my Cassowary shawl which is just a few rows away from completion. It’s a great travelling project, since each row only has increases at the centre and corners, and it’s pretty plain stitching all the way. Not fascinating stuff, but I love the results and it’s been nice to have something mindless to work on.

Mostly because my other project of the week threatened to break my brain!

Yes, I got it done! In the end, I only had to re-make 3 blocks, which isn’t too bad, and next time I will definitely take more notice of my diagram. I’m letting this one rest for a while to help me decide how to back it. I’ve got a few thoughts, but nothing definite yet.

Hopefully once I’m done I’ll be able to give you a tutorial on making it, since it can be adapted to any size or colour. Monochrome could be fun! And one nice side-effect of the pattern is that you end up with a whole pile of fabric that you can make into perfect HSTs:

There’s enough here for a little quilt, once I decide how to arrange them. Does anyone have a favourite HST pattern?

To see if others’ weeks have been just as colourful, head over to Tami’s Amis here or by clicking the picture below.


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: So close!

  1. You definitely need an iPad … it’s a no-brainer! I didn’t think I would use one, but when my other half just had to get the iPad 2, I got his old iPad and actually I use it all the time. So light to carry round and handy when you need some info or want to read emails and blogs.

    Love the quilt top and shawl! You’ve been busy!


  2. The color variation in the shawl is gorgeous! I wish I could see it’s true colors. Sometimes outdoor photography helps. I have a camera that simply will not photograph red. It’s always orange, inside or out!


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