FO Friday: Twofer!

As usual, I’m trying to do eight things at once over here, but that was always the plan for March. Even though I like having things to choose from, I also get bored easily, and the problem with working on so many things simultaneously is that they all make very slow progress! There are so many things I want to start that I decided March would be a good time for some spring cleaning, so I’ve got my bag of works in progress and I only have one project I want to start this month so that I can keep up with my A-Z group. Hopefully this means I’ll have lots of things to show you on Fridays!

I don’t know about the rest of the UK, but Oxford is covered in mist today, all grey and gloomy. Unlike yesterday, it doesn’t look like the sun’s going to burn it off, and the view from my window is decidedly miserable. So I spread this mini quilt out on my desk, like a ray of sunshine inside the office.

Craft: Quilting
Materials: Summersault by Erin McMorris
Pattern: Amish Diamond mini-quilt by Purl Soho

I’m so pleased with this. It’s imperfect in all kinds of ways, but overall, I really feel it works. The pattern is called Amish Diamond, but given the fabrics I chose, I decided to call this UnAmish instead.

I hand quilted it using silk thread from The Yarn Yard, starting with the middle shapes and gradually working my way outwards. There wasn’t much of a plan, I just worked on instinct and stopped when I felt it had had enough. The backing is one piece, a zigzag fabric that I bought from The Fabric Loft

It’s heading off to a dear friend to brighten her office, and judging how cheery it’s made me today, I think it will do well there as well.

My other finish is hotly anticipated. Are you ready? Are you sure? Okay *deep breath*

Ta da! Yes, this is the long-mythical Dahlia shawl, finished, blocked and being worn. Who would’ve thunk it?

Craft: Crochet
Materials: Madeline Tosh Lace in Thunderstorm, 4mm hook
Pattern: Dahlia shawl by Lisa Naskrent

To my delight, the yarn has stayed lovely and soft through blocking – I’ve had some laceweight lose its gorgeous drape after drying. The picots have come out beautifully and it’s a real joy to wear.

I think I said before that this could be a good ‘first lace’ pattern, an idea that I’m now revising. The body is fairly simple, and once you’ve done the 4 row repeat a couple of times, it’s pretty easy to just keep going. But the edging? Oh boy. I found the written instructions pretty impenetrable, as I normally do, and the chart is well-drawn and rather confusing! Normally you read one row right to left and the next one left to right. On this chart, you read them ALL right to left. Except there’s nothing on the chart telling you that. And some of the stitches are missing. And the ends of the rows are missing.

Apart from that, it’s pretty simple.

I still love the finished product, and I’m going to be proud of myself for finishing it, but if you’re looking for a gentle introduction to lace crochet, this isn’t it!

To see others’ finished objects this week, head over to Tami’s Amis here.


9 thoughts on “FO Friday: Twofer!

  1. The mini quilt is darling!!! I need to get back to quilting. And the shawl is lovely. I hate when patterns don’t match up to expectations or basic forms. Why would you do the chart that way?


  2. It’s pretty miserable up here too – both yesterday and today. I love the quilt. The colours are fantastic and so cheerful! I really love the flowery fabric in the middle. The Dahlia shawl is gorgeous! Well done on finishing your first lace pattern!


  3. Oh wow, that shawl—it blocked just beautifully, I just want to sit and stare at its elegant shapes for a while. Go you for persevering despite difficult instructions! You should definitely be proud.

    And the quilt is amazing, it really is like a ray of sunshine! I love the fabrics and shapes.


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