WIP Wednesday: [insert project here]

Today’s may be a rather befuddled post, or at least, more befuddled than normal. You see, I knew today would be crazy-busy at work, and that I wasn’t really going to have time to write a whole post. So I wrote one yesterday, knowing what my WIP was going to be, and feeling pretty confident about the whole thing.

Then I went and finished it. Which was great in crochet terms, less good in blogging terms and is why this post might make less sense than normal. I can’t remember the last time I tested my typing speed, but I think I’m setting new records today! And instead of the pictures I’d planned to show you, you’re getting this, which is less pretty, but sums up the situation quite well:

This is where my Works in Progress hibernate when I’m not working on them. I won’t lie, it’s a bit of a jumble in there, and since only some of the projects are in see-through bags, it took me a while to remember what everything is. And then the first project I pulled out was completely unsuitable for crocheting on a bus, although it did explain where all my stitch markers have gone.

After some flailing and throwing project bags around the room (that’s not a metaphor), I eventually settled on my Critron.

Stitching this morning, I remembered why I put it down a while back. Silk yarn is stunning, but the lack of give makes it a bit of a pig to work with. Still, I’m delighted with how it’s looking so far, and given the back of my neck broke out in a horrible rash this morning (don’t worry, I’m sparing you a picture of that), having something non-woolly to wear will be a real relief.

And as for the project I was going to show you? Well, you’ll just have to come back on Friday, won’t you?

To see if others have been more decisive about their projects this week, head over to Tami’s Amis here or by clicking the button below.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: [insert project here]

  1. You are too funny. I, too, have finished a WIP after I had pre-written my WIP Wednesday post. Oops. Oh well.

    I haven’t even done a WIP Wednesday post in a couple of weeks because I haven’t photographed anything…hrm.

    Someday I’ll make Citron. Not yet, though. And maybe not out of silk…


  2. Haha, love the fact that you went and finished your project, I’ve done that before and had a blogging block!

    Your Critron is looking lovely, but I know what you mean about needing a break for yarns with no give every now and again. Hope it comes along quickly to soothe your neck with silky goodness 🙂


  3. Love your Critron– I wasnt sure if I could stand all the sc, so I started the knitted version. Now I can’t stand all the stockinette! I’m thinking a dc Critron may be a quicker pattern… or some such alteration… It’s great that you’re getting projects finished though, even if it does ‘ruin’ your WIP posts.


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