FO Friday: Branching out

No, this isn’t another post about using craft implements as gardening tools. Hopefully I’ve seen the end of that for a while.

When I designed a couple of patterns for Sari Silk, I was asked to submit a brief biography to go with them. These things are always so hard to write, but the phrase I usually settle on is “never met a craft I didn’t like”. Which is why I’ve tried everything from crochet to jewellery making, although I’ve discovered I have no talent whatsoever with paper. But yes, I tried origami as well.

Recently, I decided I wanted to try something completely different and got myself this book out of the library:

It’s a lovely, lovely book and I’d highly recommend it for an introduction to cosmetic making. The whole first chapter goes into the principles involved, explaining the why as well as the how of making things, which I found incredibly helpful. I settled on 4 things that I wanted to make, then set about trawling the internet for suppliers. There’s lots, and lots, and lots (and lots) of stuff out there, and spreadsheets were involved in my choosing. In the end I chose Fresholi for most of my ingredients (more on them below), supplemented them from Oils4life, and bought my containers from Naturally Thinking.

It took me about an hour to make these 4 items, which I think is pretty good going for a beginner! Although only 2 of them needed actual melting, the rest just needed to be mixed or stirred. It was incredibly satisfying though, and the smells were amazing.

[ETA: Since some folk have asked what I made, I should tell you that these are off to a friend as a present, so I’ll post full details once they’ve been received!]

While I thought Naturally Thinking had the best range of containers, I’d highly recommend Fresholi if you’re thinking of starting making things for yourself. The customer service was not only prompt and helpful, but personal. I exchanged a few emails with Helen who was encouraging about my starting and pointed me to resources on the Fresholi website that could help me more. There are recipes and forums there that I’m sure I’ll use in the future.

All in all, it was a really successful experiment that I’m really looking forward to repeating.

Oh, and that’s not my only FO this week, although I didn’t actually make the other!

[I tried to adjust the colours on this, but failed miserably. The brooch itself is much greyer than it appears!]

This gorgeous brooch was made by my friend Susan and is made from porcelain and silk. Not having really worn porcelain before, I had no idea how light it would be. Definitely an added bonus for wearing on delicate fabrics. Isn’t it lovely?

To see what other people have finished this week, head over to Tamis Amis by clicking here or on the picture below.


8 thoughts on “FO Friday: Branching out

  1. Don’t do it! Don’t tempt me to try another craft!!! LOL. But, having severe allergies to most commercial products, I would be wise to make my own. And with a daughter whose skin is very sensitive, it makes even more sense. Off to discover what I can do.


  2. Oh, that brooch is lovely. And I’m intrigued by making my own cosmetics/body products. I recently bought some raw shea butter from an Etsy seller to try and help my poor winter-beat-up skin, and I’m finding that I like it much better than commercial lotions. I’m glad that your first experiment was a success! (And your containers look pretty, too.)


  3. That brooch looks very nice. I have done a lot of different crafts too. I was just eying candle making and melt and pour soaps at the craft store today. I really don’t need another hobby.


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