WIP Wednesday: Crochet Concentration

Happy humpday, people. It’s being a long week here, so it’s relief to be into the second half, I have to say. Of course, what you really need at this point in the week is a bit of a pick-you-up. Something to make you smile and go ‘ooh’.

Yup, just like that. This lovely stack came from Eclectic Maker, and was won from them through their Facebook page. It’s one of the things that make the internet feel magic – you type something onto the screen, and things materialise in your house!

I’ve actually bought from Eclectic Maker in the past, and meant to show you the parcel because it always looks delightful when it arrives.

Isn’t that cute? There’s something about the perfect little fabric parcels that just make them look even more lovely. The fabrics are 2 from Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom Collection, and 3 from Cloud 9 Across the Pond. My husband likes the herons in particular, so I might have to keep an eye on them.

These are all potential Works in Progress, but for now, they’re going to be washed and go neatly into my stash. Yes, despite what you may think, I am capable of concentrating on one thing for more than ten seconds at a time, and I have the crochet to prove it!

[pretend you can’t see that the top has an almighty bump in it, okay? Hopefully that will block out…]

I don’t know if you can tell from this that my Dahlia shawl has grown considerably since you last saw it. I’ve added 13 rows, with probably another 12 to go before I put the edging on. It’s a tricky one, since I want to use up the yarn and the pattern would have left with more than half of it left over. But now that I’m beyond the number of repeats in the pattern, I don’t know exactly how many rows I’ll get from the metrage. The current plan is to eyeball it, and be prepared to rip out the edging if I run out before the end. Yes, I know, not very scientific, but it’s the best I can come up with right now, and at least if I’m prepared to rip out the edging, I’m prepared for the worst!

My one comfort is that at least the ball of yarn is finally looking smaller. For a while there, I thought I was just going to have to keep crocheting forever!

I take my photographs in natural light as much as possible and generally don’t alter them. There’d be no point with this anyway, since there’s no way a picture can convey the colour of this yarn. It’s a strong blue but not navy, with variegations that are subtle and obvious at the same time. Everyone who sees it coos over it, strokes it and tells me how pretty it is. That includes the nice lady at the bus stop this morning who didn’t know there was such a thing as a crochet pattern!

It’s amazing how the yarn dilemma has helped me to focus on this project. Wanting to know the answer has kept me stitching away all the time, and apart from my mini-quilt (which I hope to quilt tonight, bind at the weekend and post next week), it’s the only project I’ve worked on for days and days. That has to be a new record for me!

To see if everyone else has been similarly single-minded this week, head over to Tami’s Amis here.


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Crochet Concentration

  1. I totally understand the ball of yarn not getting smaller! And I agree with your non-scientific method for using up all the yarn- that’s what I would do!
    It looks great- and I’m proud of your monogamous crafting. I cannot seem to keep to one project right now!


  2. That colour looks gorgeous, but I know it must be so much ore gorgeous in real life!

    I’d do the same to try and use up all the yarn, not scientific, and I usually have my heart in my mouth at the end!


  3. Both fabric and yarn look wonderful! At least you’re prepared to rip the edging out if you need to, but such fine yarn does seem to last for ever, so maybe you’ll be OK!


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