Making (slow progress) Monday

image by Mr Clambake on Flickr

My Mondays are always rather odd and non-Mondayish, since I work late and so don’t have to be in work until 10.45. That sounds lovely, but in practice it’s not quite enough of a late start to get anything done properly, but it’s too much time to just lie in. Well, for me anyway! It then always seems to take me the rest of Monday morning to get myself sorted out, sifting through emails and last week’s lists to see what needs doing and generally catching up with everything. So in practice, my week starts after lunch on Monday, which is nice, but weird.

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What is also rather weird at the moment is that I’m sitting here with my quilt over my knees and my All Shawl around my shoulders. My work chair is over an air-conditioning vent, and there’s nothing I can do to cover it over. In the summer, this is fabulous. On a day like today, when I can’t really see across the street for the rain, it’s less fun and rather chilly! But my quilt is doing its job, and that’s the important thing.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on Friday. As regular commenters know, I like to reply by email, so I’m still working my way through them, but I do try to reply to everyone who comments. It’s good to talk, right?

So what have we got to talk about this morning? Well, after spending most of Saturday at my mother’s helping her with some DIY-type stuff, I didn’t think I was going to have much to report today. But after a surge of effort and slightly bruised fingers yesterday, we achieved a table and chairs!

ta da! Lovely, aren’t they? Just don’t ask about how they went together. What should have been a pretty simple, straightforward, “insert and tighten” job turned into an hour long battle with an Allen key and a badly drilled hole. But I think they were worth the effort. They are also giving me the chance to demonstrate why a fabric stash is a Good Thing.

Until we can get some new placemats, we don’t want to risk damaging the table, and this linen mix piece is exactly the right size. Spooky!

But it hasn’t been all DIY around here. Last night, I decided that I absolutely HAD to start a mini-quilt. No, I don’t know why either, but I went ahead and did it anyway.

It’s a gift for a friend, so there might not be more pictures for a while, but I’m loving how it’s coming together.

In gloomy, grey weather like this, it’s great to have something so colourful to work on.

I’ve also picked up my Dahlia shawl again, and after a few mishaps with row counting, it’s going pretty quickly. If you’re a confident beginner looking for your first ‘complicated’ lace project (Eva is fab for less confident beginners, but gets a little dull by about Row 10), I’d really, really recommend this. A couple of stitch markers, something to keep track of your rows (do as I say, not as I do!), and a nice laceweight yarn, and you’ll be well away. I’m finding it’s also quite forgiving – in such a lacy pattern a few slightly fudged areas aren’t really going to show up. I hope. The stitch pattern of the main body is easy, and although the edging looks a bit harder, it’s charted as well as written out which I much prefer.

It looks rather dense at the moment, and it’s really hard to see the stitch pattern, so I can’t wait to block it and show it off properly!

To see what others have been making this week, head over to Natalie’s blog here for the full list.

Did everyone have a good weekend? Anyone snowed in?

Oxford is very pretty in the snow, but I can’t say I’m entirely sorry to see it raining out there and hopefully washing the slippery, frozen lumps away!


One thought on “Making (slow progress) Monday

  1. A bradawl is a great tool to have for erecting flat-packs. Badly drilled holes are very common!
    Glad to see (on your previous post) that you’re being kind to yourself – I think it works so much better than the ‘bootstraps’ approach.


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