WIP Wednesday: Epic Edition

So. February, huh? I’m really looking forward to people telling me about January, because I’m sure it was a lot of fun. For some people. For me, I’m trying to work out where on earth it went and what happens now. I mean, I occasionally lose 5 minutes here and there when I’m reading or crocheting, but losing a whole month smacks of carelessness.

Ah well, let me know if I missed anything important, would you?

Things are a bit tough here right now for various reasons, and my natural instinct when things are hard is always to stop talking. Anyone who’s had any kind of mental health struggles will recognise that one – you assume that no one wants to know, that you’d just be boring them, and really, who cares anyway. Which is a problem for someone like me who loves to talk! I always feel better after a good long chat with a friend, or writing a lengthy blog post. And I really need to do something to get myself out of this rut at the moment, so this could be even wordier than usual. Aren’t you the lucky ones? But don’t worry, I froze my fingers off taking some nice photos for you as well.

Let’s start with Marvin.

Who’s Marvin? This is Marvin:

Assuming that you’re none the wiser, I should probably explain. Some friends and I meet up on a Tuesday lunchtime in Oxford to knit, drink coffee, share woes and have lunch. Marvin was knitted by a former member of the group and has become our official mascot (Sadie named him, in case you were wondering). I have custody for this week, so he’s sitting on my tissue box on my desk, making sure I get plenty of work done.

Which is a good thing, because I’m rather distracted by all my WsIP at the moment. I’m sticking to my alphabetical stash-down project, and February’s letter is D. No, I haven’t finished all my A, B and C projects, but I’ve designated March to be ‘mop up month’ when I’ll get them all done. Probably.

I don’t have the sewing ones with me (was that a sigh of relief I just heard?), but these are most of the yarny ones. There’s a list and links to the patterns at the bottom of the post, and as usual, I’m joining up with folks far more sensible than me over at Tami’s Amis. Click here or on the picture below to check out the list.

Let’s start with A:

This is my Arrows shawl in Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace, which is a fabulous yarn to work with. It’s been hibernating for a while, since I had some problems with the pattern. But armed with an email from the designer, I’m hoping to get the maths right this time!

Moving on, B is for…


And Bohemian

I know, I know, the top picture doesn’t look much like a bear at the moment, but he will do soon, I hope! The Bohemian scarf is a knitting project, so I can only work on it when I have time to myself to concentrate. I have a hard enough time counting crochet stitches, let alone keeping track of knitting ones. Also in December, I started a Basketweave blanket, with the pattern largely improvised. Given the width of the blanket, it’s going to take me a very (very) long time to finish, and it’s already too heavy to carry around. Hopefully I’ll have FO Friday picture to show you by, oh, let’s say…next December?

Moving swiftly on, from last month, C is for…


In Handmaiden silk lace. Fabulous yarn and fabric, but hard on the fingers to crochet with, as it has no give whatsoever at all ever. None. I’m loving the results, and I’d love it even more if it wasn’t such slow going.

Then there’s Cassowary

The yarn is by Nimu and is called Skiddaw. It’s mostly wool, with 5% ‘other’. I’m not entirely sure what the ‘other’ is, but it’s giving it an interesting fleck so I don’t mind too much.

I’ve also got another knitting project on the go, but you’ve seen that one, so this is just a quick reminder:

Since it turns out I don’t really like knitting on giant needles, I only do a few rows of this at a time. Again, this could take me a while.

Then finally, the only one I’m actually disappointed not to have finished this month is my Carnival shawl.

You may remember that a while back, I asked you for layout advice on this one. I went with the V-shape, but stitching together this many motifs when they don’t have the same number of stitches is proving slower-going than I thought. On the plus side, I spent a big chunk of Saturday afternoon teaching people how to join crochet motifs together (look out for a tutorial), so at least I’d decided what I was going to do with them.

Then finally we get to D. There’s these mysterious objects

Which have been a slumbering project for far too long, and I desperately want to get them done.

And there’s this gorgeous thing:

Which is the Dahlia shawl from a recent Interweave Crochet. Isn’t the yarn lovely? Rather embarrassingly, it was only when I came to write this blog post that I remembered what the yarn is. I recently updated – for which read ‘deleted and rebuilt’ – my Ravelry stash, but in the process, I removed all the yarn that was actually attached to projects. Not my brightest moment. It’s taken me until now to remember that I got the yarn through someone on Ravelry, and that it’s Madeline Tosh lace in the colourway Thunderstorm.

And because clearly 2 projects aren’t enough, I’m also going to cast on a couple more. Yes, you read that right – these are both for knitting with!

The skein is going to be a Deidre, while the ball is going to be a Darkside cowl. Yes, I know what I said before about cowls, but I really want to give this one a go – I’m hoping to make it to fit me properly this time!

You know what, I’m worn out just reading through that list. And that’s without even starting on the sewing stuff. I’ve got a lap quilt to finish, a wallhanging to sort out, and 2 full-sized quilts that I want to dig into. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the crochet designs I’m working on…

Is it March yet?

Pattern index:
Bear (technically, the pattern is for a rabbit, but what’s an ear shape between friends?)
Bohemian scarf
Carnival shawl
Darkside cowl


11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Epic Edition

  1. Umm … silly question, I know, but why do you have so many projects on the go at once? That would drive me round the bend! I’m already slightly panicky at the thought of the unfinished crochet bag (need to buy another ball of yarn), my Jewel sweater (still needs sleeves) and the February squares for my afghan CAL (why do I feel I need to start these immediately just because it’s Feb 1st?!). I’m going to have to finish one of these soon as it’s all getting too messy. I get to the stage where I don’t know which project to pick up and then nothing gets done!


    1. Not a silly question at all! I have the attention span of a stunned duck, and I find that the only way I can make progress on projects is to put myself under a little bit of pressure. Also, being able to switch when I get bored means I do get around to finishing things eventually. Otherwise, I’d just get completely fed up, give up and never do anything. It really suits my way of working. It’s different if it’s something with a deadline – then I’m very focussed – but if it’s just for me, I like the luxury of doing what I want, when I want. Maybe it’s a reaction to having so many deadlines at work!


  2. I’m the same. I have loads of unfinished projects. One day I’ll pick them up and finish them but at the moment I’m enjoying my ripple blanket. When I get bored with that I’ll finish something else.
    And maybe, I’ll finish my socks when I work out how!


  3. Wow, loads of gorgeous WIPs 🙂 Good luck with them all!

    In reference to your third paragraph – I know exactly what you mean. You have my rav handle, so if you ever want/need to talk… x


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