Making Monday: Resolved to Sew 2012

Ah, Monday again. I’m not quite sure that happened, surely it’s only a week since we have one of these? My unexpected blogging break was due to yet another cold that landed me flat on my back for 2 days. It’s a good job I like the colour we painted the bedroom walls, because I’ve been seeing a lot of it recently.

Coming to WordPress to write this, I found no fewer than 3 draft posts with varying amounts of content and grumpiness. Apparently I need to remember to hit ‘post’ after I finish typing! Although I suspect the reason they languished in my drafts folder is that in the middle of last week, I lost both my phone charger and the camera battery charger, and I hate posting without pictures. That and the fact that I was finding it hard to stay awake for more than about an hour at a time.

Somehow, posts without pictures just aren’t the same

So this week all is restored (I hope!) and we return you to your regularly scheduled link parties. Today is Making Monday, but since I mostly made a mess over the weekend, I thought it would be a good chance to link up to the grand giveaway over at Very Berry Handmade and make some sewing resolutions.

In case you haven’t seen it (and where have you been?!), Ali has put together a fabulicious collection of prizes from some of the best fabric shops out there. Don’t believe me? Click here and check them out.

All you have to do to enter is post about your sewing resolutions for 2012, either in your blog or in a comment on the post. I did make some resolutions at the beginning of the year, but they were very general, and mostly relating to yarn-crafts. Having spent some time recently updating my Ravelry stash and re-assessing what I want to make, it’s probably time for me to do that with my fabric stash as well.

1. Be more confident with my stash

I have a lovely stash. I have some wonderful fabrics. But I’m constantly scared to cut into half of them in case I mess something up. What if I cut the pieces the wrong size? What if I don’t like the finished object? What if, what if, what if? I’m far more confident with yarn that can be unravelled and turned into something else if you don’t like it. So this year, I’d like to get my lovely fabrics down and use them. Yes, they look pretty on the shelf, but they’d look even prettier sewn together!

2. Keep a proper track of what I make.

One of my general resolutions for 2012 was to take better photographs, and this year I’d really like to photograph everything I make, before, during and after production. It’s hard to look back and be happy if I haven’t got anything to look back at!

3. Learn to sew a straight 1/4″ seam.

Even with my 1/4″ foot, I find it remarkably difficult to get my seams straight, which causes all kinds of problems when sewing together small pieces of fabric! I’d love to make a scrap quilt of some kind, but until I’m sure I can get my seams reasonably straight, I’m not sure it’s a good plan. Any tips would be gratefully received.

4. Learn Paper Piecing.

Picture by Cafe Mama on Flickr

I LOVE pictorial quilts and really, really want to make some of my own. But the above problem combined with natural impatience means that I’ve never really taken the time to sit down and learn. This is going to be my year for it!

5. Make time to sew.

Sewing Machine Clock by Craftygear. How much do I want one of these?!

I love sewing, but unlike with crochet, I’m a product person rather than a process one. By which I mean that I can quite happily just sit and crochet, without really caring whether or not I get things finished. With sewing, I start with a very clear idea of what I want out at the end, and the process is almost secondary. Which means I never allow enough time, I get frustrated with the planning, and I end up leaving things barely started rather than half-finished. By the end of the year, I want to be making myself things to wear, but unless I learn to sit down, take my time and think through everything I’m doing, that’s never going to happen.

So they’re my resolutions! What about yours? You don’t need to blog if you don’t want to, just leave a comment on the post. I’m hoping for the Kate Spain bundle – I love all her fabric designs, and Terrain is particularly lovely.

Happy Monday, folks. Only 4 days to the weekend…


3 thoughts on “Making Monday: Resolved to Sew 2012

  1. To sew a straight seam I put a big, bright post-it note on the machine at the width I want to sew the seam (but a bit in front of the foot) so that I can feed the fabric in to the foot just right – rather than relying on just the width of the foot or the very faint markings that are supposed to help me (but I can’t see – must get an eye test soon!). That helps me – if I get the fabric lined up in advance my seams are more accurate.

    I’m sure I had some resolutions, but true to form I’ve already forgotten most of them!! I think I was supposed to be having more fun … and I have done some more crafting than normal, so that just about counts. Just started my first Doris Chan project last night – not so much fun as I kept frogging stand starting over. However I am now three rounds in … fingers crossed!!


  2. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well 😦 Hope you stay super healthy from now on!

    I’m rubbish at sewing, I don’t think I have ever managed a straight seam, but I muddle along 😉 This does mean I have no tips for you of course!


  3. Totally know what you mean about the difference between the process and the result for crochet and sewing. I like sewing, but it is more about making something than the process. Crochet is quite meditative.

    I plan to do more sewing this year. I want to start modifying some of the old clothes I have that are either out of style or no longer fit, but that I have a fondness for. I’ve found loads of tutorials on Pinterest. This month my goal is fixing storage issues in the house, but next month my focus is going to be on creativity, which will include both sewing and crochet. Fortunately I like the rageddy look… 🙂


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