Making Monday: Sticking with it

Making Monday is up and running again, so head over to The Yarn Yard blog here to add your link. There’s always a really broad collection and it’s a great way to gather new ideas.

I rarely blog at the weekends, but sadly that is rarely because I’m spending all my time at my craft table, planning and stitching. Most weekends for the foreseeable future are going to be taken up with the continuing renovations of our flat. Or if they’re anything like the weekend just gone, walking around endless DIY shops wondering what we want to buy. It doesn’t make for an inspired creative brain, I have to say.

Nevertheless, I’m going to have a few things to show you on Wednesday, I hope. And there’s plenty of inspiration to be found elsewhere at the moment. Quite apart from the hundreds of the “Pictures of the [insert time period here]” challenges that are around and about, there are some great sewing series going on. There’s a Liberty Scrap Bundle Challenge at A Cuppa and a Catch Up, a swoon quilt-along at Katy’s, and two great beginner’s sewing series at Tilly’s and Fairy Face Designs. And that’s before you even venture onto Ravelry and find all the [number] in 12 groups! Should be enough to keep you going.

For myself, I’m still trying to keep up with my own challenges for 2012. Yes, the year hasn’t yet reached double figured days and I’m already having to work at it. I don’t think that’s unusual though! I’m behind with photography but probably won’t be able to catch up until tomorrow as most of the light has already gone today.

Which is my excuse for the pictures below. Believe it or not, this was the best light I could get!

I’m going to finish this shawl this month if it kills me. I decided I had enough hexagons, so blocked them all and am now left with the ‘how do I fit these together?’ dilemma that you get when you don’t follow the pattern exactly. Not all of the layouts use all of the hexagons, but I’m fine with that, since I made such a random number! I’ll think of something to do with the others. Also, I was using a really narrow bench for my pictures, so the first layout isn’t as clear as it might be. But hopefully you get the idea.

The three schemes I’m favouring at the moment are:

a) Triangle

b) Scarf

c) V-shaped.

They’re going to be edged and joined with the bright pink, which will hopefully compensate for the completely different sizes of the hexagons.

So do I have any votes? What do people think? I’m open to other suggestions as well!


4 thoughts on “Making Monday: Sticking with it

  1. I like both b and c (that wasn’t very helpful really, was it?!). Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will look great – the hexagons are so pretty.


  2. I love c – I think c looks really wearable in a not-slipping-off-your-shoulders sort of way. I really like b too though… Not helpful!

    Love the look of the hexagons, and I think the b and c patterns show them off slightly better


  3. I really like that last one – it really echoes the shape of the hexagons. πŸ˜€

    Although… *tips head* I’d maybe tempted to swap the pinks from the outer row with the creams at 9 & 3 on the inner row?


  4. I like c best too.

    As for the DIY you have my sympathy πŸ™‚ I am trying to get the house in order this year, after massive neglect and I don’t find it easy. I have found Pinterest a great help, the home decor board has many good ideas and I have made my own board collecting things I think might work. It has given me the impetus to begin and several good ideas along the way. I like to plan first, rather than wander at random, although I do that too sometimes πŸ™‚ and internet is a great way to source stuff from home.

    Oh yes, they also have a rather distracting craft board…


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