My Creative Space: New project dilemma

Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday about my shawl. I’m pleased to report that the hexagons are now blocking on the living room floor, and I hope to start to stitch them together soon. Having said that, I could be back for a second opinion, since I have a random number and colour assortment! Not to mention all the different sizes – there’s only so much uniformity that blocking can impose. This could be trickier than I thought.

Speaking of comments, I’ve decided to try replying by email for a while to see how that goes. I love talking to people, but since WordPress doesn’t let you know when I’ve replied to you, you have to come back here to see if I did. I’m not entirely convinced about the email thing, but I’d like to give it a go. Any opinions on the best method?

After being so careful about my resolutions this year, and after deciding that I wasn’t allowed to join any craft-alongs, because I just end up falling behind and feeling guilty, I’ve found myself drawn to a meme that I think might help with my first goal of the year.

Image from Fat Mum Slim

I really, really want to learn to take better pictures. We bought a fairly decent compact last year, but I’ve only ever used it on auto! I also struggle for inspiration, or to know how to take shots of my makes that aren’t just another “shawl on carpet” picture. So I’m going to try this inspiration list, and see what happens.

I’m not putting myself under pressure for this one. Yes, it’s already the 5th, and I’ve just about caught up, but that’s not a problem. As long as it stays something I *want* to do, I’ll do it. As soon as it becomes something I *have* to do, I’ll stop.

Each year, I tend to have a few texts that underpin how I think about the year. Words, phrases, quotes that ping my brain in the right way. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally picked “Healthy” as my word, and Psalm 51 as my text, especially verse 12, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.” Last year was a a bit of a struggle to get through. I’m definitely praying for more joy in 2012, both in the things I blog about and those I don’t.

To track my photo progress, I’ve set up a Picasa album here. These are my snaps so far – 5 down, 26 to go!

L-R: #1 You, #2 Breakfast, #3 Something you adore (sleeeeeeeep), #4 Letterbox, #5 Something you wore (all things I made!)

These were all taken in the flat when I got home tonight, since I left the camera cable here! Hopefully both my organisational and my photographic skills will improve as the year progresses 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Creative Space: New project dilemma

  1. I wish i had a little more free time each day to take this on too.
    It could be so much fun. Maybe I’ll do it during a school holiday.
    I got your reply email (but on my phone at work so havent replied)
    I dont know what the solution would be. I dont think I can reply on Blogspot either – how annoying!
    Still loving those spirals.


  2. Hope you enjoy the photo a day challenge. I tried something similar once and gave up pretty quickly … just not disciplined enough!! Good luck with it.


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