2012: Slow out of the starting blocks

Hello, all, happy new year, etc etc. Yes, I’m three days late, but no one’s counting, are they? I’m back to work today, trying to remember how to do this and back to wrestling with my computer, which still seems to be on its Christmas holiday. But at least my desk is tidy.

It won’t be this way for long, it’s just nice while it lasts.

Did everyone have a good break? We had a lovely time with family, and mostly a lovely time trying to buy furniture for the flat. We’re currently eating, sitting and sleeping on begged and borrowed furniture (nothing stolen, I promise!), so it’ll be nice to have new stuff all of our own. But I have to admit to suffering from more than a little Furniture Overload – there’s just so much choice! But they all look the same!

Along with my funiture-hunting woes, I managed to get a fair bit of crating done, that I’ll show you over the next week or so, as well as some of the Christmas presents I made. In my own stocking I got a blocking kit, some beautiful books, alpaca yarn (undyed, so I have the name of the Alpaca in case I want more!) and a Clothkits dress. I didn’t go too made in the sales, but I did buy my first pair of DPNs. They’re 10mm, as I decided I’d only puncture my fingers with something smaller!

I really like this time of year, as it’s a chance to throw out some of the old and try something new. I’ve got lists of things, to the point where I almost need to make a list of lists! There’s so much in my head right now that I hardly know where to start – does anyone else get that feeling in January? I think I’m just going to write everything down, just to empty my brain so I can choose something to do!

One thing I definitely know I want to do is stick with my A-Z stashbusting. Here’s my collage for January:

The challenge started in October/November, so January’s letter is C. Clockwise from the top left-hand corner, my projects are:

Crowing blanket (more on that below), Carnival Shawl, Critron, Cravat (no link), Charm squares quilt (my own pattern), Chloe’s Tumblers from Fat Quarterly, Coduroy hat from Clothkits and a Mystery Project that I won’t be able to show you for a while.

The Crowing blanket is something I’ve been wanting to make for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages. It’s a fairly simple combination of sewing and crochet that I saw here and immediately knew that I wanted to use my Kate Spain charm pack to make. The yarns are cottons that match exactly, so it was obviously meant to be! There’ll be a certain amount of improvising, since I’m not sure exactly how I’ll work the stitching yet. I also know that I need to be really careful about my sewing on this one. None of my usual eyeballing the seam allowance and hoping for the best. If they’re not all the same, the quilt won’t work! Time for my quilting ruler and iron-out pen, I think.

So that’s my month sorted out! How are the rest of you doing? Geared up and ready to go for 2012?


2 thoughts on “2012: Slow out of the starting blocks

  1. I was back at work today too! I’m excited about the new year; the end of a year is always all about preparing for Christmas, now that’s behind me I can focus on stuff that I want to do for me. So I’ve already finished a purse (which I’ll blog about sometime soon), there’s a bag cut out ready to go and I’m waiting for my yarn to arrive for Ravelry’s block-a-month CAL … and there are other ideas whirling around in my head too, but I’m trying not to start too many things at once!

    Can’t wait to see your crowing blanket. The idea appealed to me when Heidi first did it, but I haven’t found the right fabric / yarn combination (still not terribly impressed with my local stores).


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