WIP Wednesday: A Non-secret project!!

I think my brain has gone on an early Christmas holiday, and I’ve been finding it incredibly difficult to get anything done this week. Today is my last day at work until the new year, and I think I’m a bit demob-happy already!

This is also going to be my last blog post of the year, so I hope you all have a lovely break, with lots of time for everything you want to get done. Crafters never have a lazy Christmas, it’s just a chance to work on more projects!

Anyway, as you can imagine, most of the things I’ve been working on lately have been Christmas presents, but last night I decided that what I really needed to make was a bag as a present for our trainee at work. I have no idea why either, except that hers was damaged last week, and she’s generally lovely.

The pattern is from a quilting magazine, and although it’s not hugely simple, it’s also not as hard as it looks. The tricky bit was cutting the pieces to the right size, which is something I always struggle with. Being a radio-addict, I usually have that on in the background when I’m crafting, and it doesn’t always end well! This time, I turned the radio off and really concentrated on getting everything the right size. It did the trick because once I started sewing, everything came together nicely.

I’ll admit to cheating though. There are 2 ways to make a flat-bottomed back. One is to cut little squares out of the bottom corners and sew them up afterwards. The other is to make the bag flat, then sew seams across the bottom corners and cut the excess fabric off (I can link you to tutorials if you’d like!) personally I favour the latter, since it doesn’t require me to cut perfect squares out of the front and the back and it’s a few fewer seams to match up. I also decided to skip the interfacing, since I want this to be a ‘scrunch it up and put it in your rucksack’ type of bag. It’s floppier than it would be otherwise, but the lining fabric is pretty thick so that will give it considerable sturdiness. I used the same fabric to line one of my favourite bags, so I know it can take some serious weight!

You’ll note, however, that I haven’t actually shown you any pictures of the lining. That’s because I was still sewing at 10pm last night, which is well past my bedtime at the moment. I happily sewed the two lining pieces together, only to turn it over and find that I’d put a right side next to a wrong side and the whole thing needs unpicking. *sigh*

I’m hoping to finish it off as soon as I get home so that I don’t make the same sleepy-sewing mistake again tonight!

To see if other people are having more success this week, head over to Tami’s Amis here or by clicking on the picture below.


8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: A Non-secret project!!

  1. I love the bag, the colours and fabrics (the little birdies on the trim/handles! too cute.) are wonderful. Sorry about the late-night sewing snafu, eek! I think we all have those “past my bedtime crafting mistake” moments. (I had a brush with one last night working on a crocheted cat’s tail, but I luckily caught myself in time…)


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