Making Monday: Back in the saddle

Hello, hello, did you miss me? 😉 Don’t worry, I don’t need an answer to that.

I’ve had a lovely time off, including all kinds of exciting things, more of which in a moment. I’d fully intended to come back with huge piles of finished objects, ready to either show off or wrap up. Of course, what I actually came back with were 3 more works in progress and slight RSI in my left hand. I *did* manage to finish one thing, but I’m saving that up for Friday.

Oh, okay, since you asked nicely, here’s a sneak preview.

You might not be able to tell from that picture, but this weekend, I made use for the first time of my bent safety pins for quilting. Wow. The first quilt I made, I basted with needle and thread. The second and third, I used spray basting. I have to say, that while pins were much more time consuming than either of those, I felt like my fabrics were much, much more secure, and quilting was dead easy. Looks like that was a good £3 spent!

I have been working on other things, mostly for Christmas, so those pictures will have to stay under wraps for now. One lovely thing was getting lots and lots of stitching done on our short holiday. We got a bargain deal to the Algarve, and I really can’t recommend it highly enough for some winter sun.

The days were sunny, and while it was a little chilly in the breeze or shade, in the sunshine, it was just wonderful. It really recharged my batteries, and we came back feeling like we’d had 2 weeks away rather than just 3 nights. The 5* hotel probably helped with that! I didn’t take tonnes of pictures, but I couldn’t stop photographing the pavements.

Apparently in Portugal, they don’t just put slabs down and have done with it. In every town, the pavements were made up of these lovely mosaics in all different styles. If I hadn’t had my (slightly non-plussed) husband with me, it’s probably all I would have taken pictures of!

The food was lovely (and cheap!), the people friendly and the whole thing was just what we needed at such a dreary, tiring time of year.

Having the pictures is useful at the moment, since I managed to pick up another cold over the weekend, and have started this morning sniffling and exhausted again. So to cheer myself up, I got my knitting out and did a few rows before work.

Craft: Knitting
Pattern: A little bit Bohemian
Yarn: From A Stash Addict
Notions: 5mm bamboo needles, present from friend. 1 stitch marker from The Knitting Goddess

I cannot tell you how chuffed I am with this. It’s my first knitting project that’s got further than 4 rows, and although I don’t really enjoy the process of knitting the way I do with crochet, there’s a HUGE satisfaction in getting it done and seeing it grow. I think I’ve mentioned it before, and it was really one of those projects where the yarn TOLD me what it had to be, and I’m so glad I listened.

I’m ploughing through other Christmas projects still, so more on those in a couple of weeks, and I’m going to try to sort through my WsIP to work out which are active and which need to go into hibernation for a while. So much to make, so few days to Christmas!

How’s everyone else’s preparations going? Doing anything special for the holiday?

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7 thoughts on “Making Monday: Back in the saddle

    1. It was soooo much needed – like recharging solar batteries!

      Thanks 🙂 The scarf is going pretty well, I think, although the speed takes some getting used to – crochet is so much quicker!


  1. Of course I missed you 😉 Glad you got some sun, even though I am now very jealous!

    How funny, I’m knitting that exact pattern at the moment for my mum (featured at a similar length to yours last Wednesday!), it’s quite a satisfying one so I’m glad you’ve been progressing happily with it! Perfect choice of pattern to match your yarn 🙂


    1. Aw, bless, thanks 🙂 It’s nice to be back!

      I saw yours last week! The pattern is pretty good for a beginner who doesn’t just want to make squares, I think. Being used to making more complicated crochet things, just knitting a rectangular scarf would have been a bit boring!


  2. Glad you had a fantastic time on your holiday!! I’ve been in UK for 7 years but I’m actually from Faro, Algarve and people never understand why on earth I struggle with winter here, lol.

    The pavements in the UK was one of the first thing I noticed that didn’t make any sense to the remaining architecture. Fantastic victorian, georgian and edwardian buildings but boring pavement. Mind you, the ones in Portugal are a nightmare to walk with heels.


    1. Oh gosh, I’m British and I struggle with the winter – coming from Faro to here must have been quite the shock :S

      Heh, some British pavements aren’t much easier on the feet – Oxford ones are usually horribly broken. There are some lovely flagstones in places, but I definitely found the Portuguese ones more inspiring!


  3. GLAD to have you back – I was getting worried about you – glad you’ve had some sunshine 😀
    And I can totally see why you were addicted to those mosaic floor patterns – they’re very insprational.


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