WIP Wednesday: So close and yet so far

After being hit by the triple whammy of 2 crochet classes, severe cloud cover and an upset stomach, I feel like I lost the last few days down a hole somewhere. Mostly I’ve been working, sleeping and feeling ill, with a little crocheting alongside.

The Stashbusting A-Z group that I joined a while back has definitely been good for my concentration levels, and I’ve managed to stick to this one project for weeks now. Unfortunately, the project I picked to concentrate is looooooooong and so each row takes a serious amount of time, even when I get it right. And with this project, I kept finding that I’d made a mistake in previous rows and had to rip the whole lot out. Ripping out that much stitching is no joke, let me tell you.

So here we are, on the last day of the month, and I still have two rows to get through.

Anyone want to take bets on my chances of finishing by midnight? Anyone?

No, me either. *sigh* But that’s not going to stop me trying!

Due to slight over-whelmed-ness (shush, it’s a word), I’m giving myself a bit of time off for the next 10 days or so to concentrate on making some Christmas presents and catching up with myself a bit. Full report when I get back!

To see if others have been more sensible in their project choices, head over to Tami’s Amis here or click the picture below.


10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: So close and yet so far

  1. Your project looks gorgeous, but I think I would have had to live with any mistakes with rows that long!

    Hope you feel better soon, good idea to give yourself a little break for a couple of weeks I think.


    1. Unfortunately with a lacy, geometric pattern like this, the mistakes would have been so obvious that subsequent rows wouldn’t work. Normally I fudge these things, but I really wanted to get this one right!

      Thanks. I’ll see how long my internet addiction lets me stay away ;D


  2. I hate it when projects don’t cooperate! But I have a feeling that this one will be soooo gorgeous when it’s finished, you’ll be willing to forgive its misbehaving. Hang in there, and enjoy your time off!


  3. I know exactly what you mean about ripping things out that follow that much of a lacy pattern. I just recently ripped out and entire shawl and pretty much was ready to throw the ball of yarn against a wall seeing as how far I went before I realized the mistake, yikes! Good luck with those Christmas items!


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