Super-speedy FO Friday

I didn’t think I was going to have anything to show you today, after not being able to resist showing off my robin yesterday. Then I remembered that I’m teaching a crochet class tomorrow. Or, to be exact, I remembered at midday that I’m teaching a crochet class tomorrow. Trust me, that is not the moment that you want to remember that you’re teaching a crochet class and have forgotten to make the sample.

I think it came out pretty well under the circumstances.

The pattern is Doris Chan’s, here, although I’ve adapted it to use UK terminology so as not to confuse everyone too much. That’s my job.

Well, I suppose you’d have to ask last night’s students how confusing I am. It can’t have been that bad, since there were some lovely little birdies flying out of the door last night. If any of you guys are reading this, I’d love to have some more pictures so I can show off your creations to everybody.

Despite how flakey the first paragraph makes me sound, I’m really looking forward to the beginners class tomorrow. I think it’s my fourth or fifth, and I love the look on people’s faces when they get that ‘hey, I can do this’ moment. Plus it’s a chance to share my collection of naff crochet patterns off to people, and the fun of that cannot be underestimated.

To see if anyone’s made anything more sensible this week, head over to Tami’s Amis here or click the picture below.


11 thoughts on “Super-speedy FO Friday

    1. Heh, I’ll have to take some photos for you guys, won’t I?

      I really recommend the stocking – 4 of my beginner crocheters managed to finish one in the class, so it’s a quick, satisfying stitch.


  1. Feel free to share more ‘naff’ patterns with us!! (Can you really call a Doris Chan pattern naff?)

    I may or may not be crocheting one of those stockings this weekend … US terminology is just fine (it’s the UK patterns that confuse me and I’m British!!). Depends what I find in my stash! And I was just browsing through a Doris’ Everyday Crochet and eyeing up a fantastic jumper that I may ‘need’ to go yarn shopping for … got to get my priorities straight!!

    Hope the beginners’ class goes well!


    1. Oh gosh, I didn’t mean this pattern was naff! I’ll have to dig out my collection to show you.

      I’m the same with crochet patterns. So many of the good ones are US that it’s easy to forget other terminology.


  2. Hi Laura,

    Really enjoyed the class on Saturday! Many thanks for your time and expert tuition! I’ve ordered the books you recommended and have started on some granny squares to get me going (I fancy a new quilt!)….. and then next year, I’d love to make that cardigan that you had on display! What did you say the name of the pattern was?
    Many thanks again, a real inspiration!
    Nic xoxo


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