My Creative Space: Bob-bob-bobbing along

If I’d been giving a prize for guessing what I was making yesterday, I’d have to award it to myself. Seriously, could no one tell what it was?

I can’t think why. How could you not have known it was going to be…

Isn’t he cute? He’s for the crochet class I’m teaching tonight. It’s an amigurumi one, and with Christmas being so close, I thought we’d go with a festive theme. I’ll admit that I had a little trouble with the face – embroidery is not my strong suit – but overall, I think he came out okay.

Despite taking picture of him at various points around the flat, trying to get the best angle and light, my camera ate my pictures so I can’t show you them. For other people trying to get a decent picture in the dark evenings, I really recommend daylight bulbs, not just in table lamps, but all over the house. I got by far the best pictures in the living room where we have them in the main lights as well.

But for today, I had to make do with the garden at work, and let me tell you, overcast, solid white light is not easy to photograph in either. I just had to do my best.

I think it was worth the try.

It’s going to be a busy class tonight – 6 people, plus me, and trying to get the cups of tea on the table as well without drowning any robins could get interesting. Maybe I should crochet some little lifebelts, just in case.

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I’ve been a terrible commenter lately, folks, sorry. Between work, crochet and the dark, I feel like I’ve used up all my brain power before I can get to the comment box. But people have made some really cool things lately, so if I pop up on an old post, don’t be surprised – I’m trying to catch up!


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