Not quite NaBloPoMo 17: My Creative Space

I had a whole post written out yesterday, but sadly my cold-fugged brain forgot all about it, which means I haven’t managed to blog every day in November. Ah well, there’s always next year.

Having spent most of the day wrapped in a blanket feeling sorry for myself, it’s nice to be able to show you photos of things I’m actually pleased with.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll know that one of the most exciting things about our flat is that I’m going to have my own space for crafting in. The jury’s still out on whether we’re calling it ‘the study’ or ‘the craft room’, but either way, it’s going to be specially kitted out exactly how I want it. In the meantime, I’m making do with what I’ve got, and now that we’ve moved the kitchen contents back into the kitchen, I actually have space to put my things back in. I find I’m much more productive when surrounded by lovely stuff, and now that we no longer have to eat at the desk, I’m hoping to have better access to my sewing machine.

Do you want a tour? You know you do.

These are yarns that are not currently assigned to specific projects. The lower shelf is ‘nice’ stuff, while the upper are my cheaper acrylics and Cygnet wools. It’s a good reminder that I still have plenty of stash and don’t need to buy more!

I’m going to give you a moment just to look at these lovelies.


Okay, come back to me now.

I got the idea from this tutorial here, and wrapped all my smaller pieces of fabric around comic backing boards. It’s awesome being able to see them, and I feel like I’ve got my own fabric shop like this! Above are my quilting solids and non-cotton fabrics.

And the whole lot is topped off with those famous brown paper bags. Some bags are stuffed, others only have one project, on the basis that I doubt I’ll get through all projects in a month, and will need some catching-up time as well. It’s a really nice feeling, that I’ve got a choice within a month, but only from a limited range of items, which is much more manageable.

As you can imagine, the steps are going to be very useful as we go through the year!

What else have we got? Oh yes.

Odds and ends are on the bottom shelf under my yarn – class kits, notebooks, soak, my circulars pouch and knitting needles. Then I’ve got a couple of boxes of sewing kit, which have recently become incredibly full. More on that next week.

Ooh, and I haven’t shown you my most exciting space this week. Are you ready?

I picked this baby up from the end of someone’s drive (yes, they were giving it away!), and I love it already. I’ve put my most commonly used notions in it, and it’s going to be handy for moving from room to room with my sewing without having to lay everything out and tidy it up again. I have vague plans to redecorate it at some point, but for now, it’s just sitting in the corner looking lovely.

Especially at the moment, while I’m feeling like absolute death warmed over, it’s nice to have my craft space settled and organised again. I feel like I can breathe, and my brain is already bursting with things to do, possibly all at once!

For now though, I’m going to have a lie down under my blanket again and do some more coughing. To see what everyone else has been doing this week, head over here to Our Creative Spaces.


7 thoughts on “Not quite NaBloPoMo 17: My Creative Space

  1. Feel better soon, Laura! Love your craft space. I don’t dare have my yarn / fabric stashes on display…. Andy might figure out how much I’ve actually got and ban me from further shopping which would be very bad!


    1. I did feel rather brave, putting it all on show for J to see. He took it rather well under the circumstances, although I don’t think he realised that the giant box on the floor was also full of fabric (dressmaking quantities that wouldn’t fit on the shelf!). Having it out will hopefully help with stash-busting, since he’ll notice if anything else arrives!


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