NaBloPoMo 15: Unexpected!blog post

This post was supposed to be all about yarn. Unfortunately I started it, then realised I could either post the world’s longest ramble about things to crochet with, or I could step back, think a little and break it down into bite-sized posts.

I’m sure everyone’s grateful that I opted for the latter.

The other unexpected thing about this post is that it’s taking a really long time to write, mostly because I have to stop every ten seconds to blow my nose. I first came down with a cold in mid-October, and the wretched thing has been hanging around ever since. Except today it decided to wake up again and hit me full on, so I’m under the duvet at 8.30 feeling rather sorry for myself. Apologies the folk I had lunch with – start taking the anti-cold meds now!

What I did manage to do today – mostly from under a blanket – was go through all the sewing stuff my mother brought me recently. It was largely my grandmother’s, and ranges from an incredible collection of threads to some brand new pinking shears, still in their box. Not everything was a treasure, of course, but I found some lovely, special things that I hope to post about over the next week or so.

I’m having a general stash sort-out at the moment anyway, after spending too long browsing the Flash your Stash thread on Ravelry. It’s been really good for me, uncovering yarn I’d forgotten about, digging out fat quarters that got buried in the pile, and generally assessing the materials I’m going to be crafting with over the next year. I’m re-thinking my plans based on what I’ve got, since I don’t really want to buy except for special projects for a while.

Oh shush, stash-busting is not only possible, it’s fun! So I’ve heard, anyway.

Compared to many, I don’t have a ginormous stash, but it’s more than enough for me. I’m reaching the point where I can’t choose what to do because I’ve got too much to choose from. It’s that ‘rabbit in the headlights’ feeling, and I need to concentrate to get past it.

I’m rolling up my sleeves and preparing to dive in. Maybe I’ll get that yarn post done just using my stash! And maybe – just maybe – I’ll get through some of this pile of Works in Progress.

Well. Stranger things have happened…


6 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 15: Unexpected!blog post

  1. I felt a bit like I was coming down with a cold at lunchtime anyway (which is why I may have seemed a bit vague – I certainly felt it!) so if I’m going to get one I will blame my colleagues instead.

    I think you have a large fabric stash and a small yarn stash, but that probably says more about me than it does about you!


    1. Oh noes! Definitely blame your colleagues for that one – I wouldn’t have had time to infect you then πŸ˜‰

      Hee. In terms of items, I think they’re about the same, but fabric definitely takes up more space and requires more thought to store. Can’t wait to have proper cupboards for it all!


  2. Hope you feel better soon πŸ™‚

    Stashbusting is indeed possible, and I know exactly what you mean about not knowing what to do next when there is too much to choose from – I’m currently knitting exclusively from stash for the same reason!


    1. Thanks. Sadly, it looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better :S

      I really appreciate the encouragement, thank you! I love acquiring my stash, but it’s definitely time to actually do something with it πŸ™‚


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