NaBloPoMo 14: Busy doing nothing

Oh dear, that’s not a very promising start, is it? Unfortunately, I’m in too much discomfort to be able to think straight today, so I’m feeling distinctly uninspired.

You see, I was going to blog about our living room which is (finally!) habitable again. Except it was such a mess when I went to take pictures of it that I decided I’d have to leave that until I’d tidied up.

Then I thought I’d post about my Winter Stitching plans, except almost all of those are Christmas presents, and so have to stay under wraps for now.

Then I thought I’d post about just how much my legs hurt, then I realised no one really wants to hear about that (or the enormous bruises that have sprouted from NOWHERE), at which point I’d run out of ideas and needed to go and take another painkiller.

However, when in doubt, post funny pictures of cats:

funny pictures - Or, if you're Canadian, no earlier than May First!
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

Three paragraphs and a picture. That counts as a blog post, doesn’t it?

Honestly, considering we worked all weekend on the flat and I did quite a bit of crocheting, I feel like I’ve got remarkably little to show for my efforts. It was too dark to take pictures last night or this morning, and honestly, I can’t help thinking that the way I’ve hung things in our new wardrobes is only interesting to me and possibly J. Added to the fact that I had to rip out 2 incredibly long rows on my crochet project, I feel a little bit like I’m going round in circles at the moment.

Hopefully I’ve made up for that by trotting around other people’s blogs and seeing what they’ve been doing. I follow some fabulous people in my Google Reader, both crafters and non-crafters, and there’s always something to inspire me.

So tell me, good folks of the internet, which bloggers have inspired you today? Who should I add to my long list to while away my lunch-hours for the rest of the week?


2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 14: Busy doing nothing

  1. Hope your muscles stop aching soon and that you feel like you’re achieving something again! I hate days like that when both physically and mentally things don’t seem to be going well. Haven’t had much time for blog inspiration today .. got to get my last Christmas present done this week and that’s taking all my focus (well, apart from work that is!).


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