NaBloPoMo 9: WIP Wednesday

Thanks to a not-so-bad night’s sleep and a little more light in the sky this morning, I feel like my brain is slowly coming back online. Hopefully by the weekend, I might be vaguely human again.

It’s days like this that I want to crochet something comforting. Not too complicated but interesting enough to hold my attention, and something that I really want to get finished so I can wear it. So I picked this:

Craft: Crochet
Pattern: Juliana shawl on Ravelry
Yarn: The Yarn Yard Moondance, 2 skeins.
Notions: 6mm hook, 3mm hook.

I have to be honest at this point: the first part of this shawl is not an interesting make. Back and forth, back and forth until it measures the right width. It was a great travelling project, and good for taking to my lunchtime stitching group, since I could crochet and talk at the same time, but after a while, it gets a bit monotonous. Now that I’m onto the mesh section, it’s getting much more interesting. After some serious blocking, I think it’s going to be a great shawl to wear. Sticking with the ‘being honest’ theme, I should add that this is not a beginner’s pattern, or at least, not a beginner pattern-reader’s pattern. The way the repeats and increases are written is very concise and clever and makes sense to me, but could seriously confuse a beginner. If you’re used to knitting patterns, you’ll be fine, but you need a few under your belt before making sense of this one, I think. On the other hand, if you can read a basic pattern and are looking for something a little more challenging but not full-on lace yet, this is a great place to start.

To see what everyone else is working on this week, head over to Tami’s Amis here or by clicking the picture below.


9 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 9: WIP Wednesday

  1. It looks fab – but sounds a little too complicated to me (definitely a beginner here! I’ve only made one thing in crochet so far)

    In answer to your question on my blog, re doing the sleeves 2 at a time, you knit them from different balls, so I cast on from 1st ball, move the stitches further down, cast on from second ball. That way you knit normally, just making sure I’m knitting from the correct ball!


    1. I’d definitely say get a few other patterns under your belt before tackling this. The solid section is dead easy, but the mesh section has a rather confusion way of describing the increases.

      Ah, that makes so much more sense! although I guess you have to be careful to always knit from the right ball 😀


  2. Looks great, Laura! I like the colour contrast.

    I’ve just come to the end of a huge, lace shawl (trying to work out where to block it!) and am starting a scarf pattern that is supposed to be suitable for beginners … and I’m having problems understanding the pattern!!! It’s not supposed to happen that way round!!


  3. It looks lovely. I really like the colours. I think it’s beyond me yet. Although I’ve made and designed quite a few things I tend to stick to basic stitches. I look forward to being capable of making it in the future 🙂


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