NaBloPoMo 4: FO Friday (finally!)

[I’m having a bit of trouble with this post – my SAD has been truly horrific since the clocks went back, and I’m very tired and grumpy today. Hopefully I’ve managed to edit any grumpiness out, but if I look like I’ve been crying in the picture, it’s just that my eyes are puffy from my cold and lack of sleep. No weeping over the cowl, I promise, although if I sound dazed and confused, it’s probably because I am!]

Well, it took me a lot longer than expected, but I’ve finally finished a cowl that I’m happy with. Are you ready?

Ta da!

You can click the picture to make it bigger, but I thought you could do without a huge version of my vague expression first thing on a Friday morning 😉

The stats:
Craft: Crochet.
Pattern: Improvised by me, based on the Blossom Stitch Pattern from The Crochet Stitch Bible.
Yarn: Fyberspates Scrumptious DK Solid, 1 skein silver, 1 skein red.
Notions: 8mm crochet hook, 3 toggles.
All materials bought at Darn it and Stitch in Oxford

Made for the Cowl-along at Luvinthemommyhood


Although everyone (including me!) was very fond of the previous cowl I made with this yarn, it just didn’t work for me, and it took me a couple of false starts to get this one to work as well. I knew I wanted this colour combination, I knew I wanted something flexible, and I knew I wanted something snuggly. After spending far too much time searching through Ravelry, I eventually decided that the only way to get what I wanted was to make it up for myself. The stitch pattern is fairly lacy, but with the 2 yarns held together, it forms a fabulously drapey, lofty fabric. One of the misconceptions about crochet that drives me nuts is that it makes a stiff fabric, so I tend to go out of my way to prove that wrong. Does this look stiff to anyone else?

The key is to use the right hook size for your yarn and stitch. I took a few attempts to find the perfect combination, but I think it was worth the effort. The stitch pattern doesn’t really show up because of the variegation in the yarn colours, but I think it shows off the variegations really well, if you see what I mean. A solid fabric would have given it a completely different look.

Overall, I’m chuffed to bits with my cowl, and have spent the morning wearing it at my desk! It needs blocking, which I’m also hoping will smooth the fibres a bit and stop them making me itch, but for now, I’m just enjoying being warm and snuggly in my new cowl 🙂

To see what other people have finished this week, head over to Tami’s here or click the picture below.


8 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 4: FO Friday (finally!)

  1. I think everyone has suffered with the clocks changing, I know I have felt off kilter and I don’t suffer with SAD. I hope you manage to get back on track soon. But at least you have a lovely cowl to comfort you.


  2. It looks great, not stiff at all 🙂 I know what you mean about wanting drapey and snuggly for a cowl, I see so many patterns that look like armour!

    I hate the clocks going back too, SAD is also my nemesis 😦 I’m hoping that lots of snuggly knits will make me feel better, but that might be wishful thinking!


  3. It’s beautiful, Laura! Glad you’re happy with this one.

    It’s been a strange week with the clocks going back. Our dog seems very unsettled and as a result we’ve all had early starts this week when she’s woken us up convinced it’s time for her walk. We’re all a bit bleary eyed too. I do like that little bit of extra light in the morning, but hate, hate, hate the evenings.


  4. Looks squidgy to me. Very nice and the colour’s lovely. We are wondering if our 5 year old daughter suffers with SAD. We first suspected this last year. I hope you don’t have kicking screaming tantrums like she does. Especially not in the supermarket.


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