NaBloPoMo 3: My Creative Space

Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in finding it difficult to connect to other bloggers. If I can just find a link party for Tuesdays, I’ll have one for every day of the week!

I didn’t think I was going to have anything new to show you today, since what I’ve mostly been doing is crocheting like a mad woman to get my sample scarf done. But you know when a project jumps up and grabs you by the throat?


I want to try to keep better track of what I’m making with what, so have made myself a ‘project stats’ template that I’m going to try to use from now on:

Craft: Knitting.
Pattern: A Little Bit Bohemian, free Ravelry download.
Yarn: Purple Rinse DK (225m) from Jane and Michael’s.
Notions: 5mm needles (present from friend), stitch marker from The Knitting Goddess

I spent most of the afternoon at work hugging this yarn to me, but looking at the short colour stripes, I knew it wouldn’t be great in crochet. So I used the awesome pattern browser on Ravelry, entering the weight and metrage of my yarn and this popped up. It’s pretty simple, although I had to look up some of the stitches on YouTube to figure out how to do them!

I’m finding knitting very odd, and not just because I haven’t done very much of it yet. I took quickly and easily to crochet, and because it’s built one stitch at a time, I soon got and idea of how to construct crochet fabric. With Knitting, my initial thought was that I’d find it much harder to understand, because the stitches all depend on each other much more closely. But on checking this morning, I found that the one type of stitch I hadn’t looked up on YouTube (knit front and back), I’d instinctively done it right. I have no idea what the stitches actually *do* – I’d been happily yarning over without having the slightest clue why – but at least I can make them now. Hopefully the understanding will come the more I do!

And I do love learning. I mean, I’m always learning in crochet, but at a time when I’m crocheting ‘for work’, it’s nice to have somewhere else to go that lets me stretch my brain a little. And the even better news? I haven’t tied either the needles or my fingers together yet. I’m counting that as a win!

To see what other people are doing in their creative spaces this week, click here


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