NaBloPoMo 1: I am crocheter, hear me roar

Actually, if you imagine someone under a blanket surrounded by a heap of tissues, that’s more like me today. Trying to type when you can’t stop sniffing is not easy, let me tell you.

Speaking of telling, it struck me today that blogging has made me a very dull conversationalist. When all 3 of the people you’re having lunch with read your blog and Twitter feed, there’s not much left for you to tell them. Either I need to write about other things, or I need to get a more exciting life. I’ll let you know which I decide.

So, guys, you know who you are, yes, this is the story about Hobbycraft and yes, you have heard it already. I’ll try to be more interesting tomorrow. I’ve told it in short form on Ravelry, but since this is the first day of NaBloPoMo and hey, it’s my blog, I thought I’d take the chance to expand a little.

The trouble is, this is probably the most exciting thing to happen to me this week, apart from the washing machine being fitted on Sunday night. Trust me, when you’ve had to wash up sideways for a week because the machine is in front of the sink, that’s no small thing.

But the second most exciting thing to happen to me this week was my email to Hobbycraft. I’m currently on the hunt for some Tunisian crochet hooks, and thought I’d just try Hobbycraft’s website, on the basis that you never know. Unfortunately, on clicking into the site, I couldn’t find crochet hooks anywhere, let alone Tunisian ones. They weren’t under Knitting and they weren’t under Needlecraft, which are the two usual suspects, so I had to search for them. Eventually, I found them under Knitting Accessories, along with scissors and darning needles, things like that.

I must have been having a particularly grumpy day, because this made me cross enough to go fill in their feedback form, telling them exactly what I thought of this. The words ‘not valuing’ and ‘disappointed’ were used at some point, I’m sure. On the basis that Hobbycraft are a pretty big company, and I’m a fairly small crocheter (well, 5’5”, but you take my point), I didn’t expect anything to come of it. My expectations seemed confirmed when on Monday morning, I got a standard ‘thank you for your feedback’ message. I closed my email and thought no more of it.

Until at lunchtime, I got a lovely, long, personal message from the e-commerce manager. She thanked me for my feedback, said it was just the kind of thing they needed to know, and to my utter astonishment, told me that she’d already rearranged the website so that crochet now shows up under both Knitting AND Needlecraft. And blow me down, so it does. Books and hooks, all neatly together in one category. Perfect!

I tend to be rather cynical about these things, but getting such a positive (and speedy!) response is starting to erode away my scepticism. And next time you see something that makes you cross, fill in that feedback form. It might just make a difference!


9 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 1: I am crocheter, hear me roar

  1. So, I think you need to add some friends who don’t read your blog – that might solve that problem!

    I’ve just bought some tunisian crochet hooks and, true to German efficiency, they were at the end of the crochet section. Can’t wait to play once I’ve finished the Christmas presents (the shawl I’m making for my MIL is taking forever – I’m very bored with it now!). Glad Hobbycraft surprised you!


    1. I have a tendency to get 1/2 through a shawl or similar and get bored with it – I’m making one at the moment with endlessly growing rows, and while I know it’s worth the effort, I have to admit that I can only do it in small doses!

      Tunisian is awesome. I’m hoping to improve my skills enough to teach it next year 🙂


  2. What an excellent result, and good on you for contacting them about it – I’m guessing there were plenty of people fuming about it and you got it fixed 🙂

    I’m not really a crocheter (have made all of one crochet project!) but I get cross when it is lumped in with knitting too – both are distinct skills and deserve to be recognised as such.


    1. It’s like if they put cross-stitch and embroidery together – people would get very cross! But no one ever seems to stand up for crochet, so I make a point of doing so when I can 🙂


  3. When I read a blog before seeing you in person, it’s like meeting someone off the intarweb, so you’re a celebrity. When I see you before reading about what you were saying, I feel like I’ve had a special preview 😛

    I could stop reading your blog, but I do like your writing 🙂


    1. *giggle* As long as I’m not boring you! I shall just have to be careful that my written and spoken accounts match each other – there are too many people who can call me on it if they don’t! 😀


  4. Well done you! It is hard to complain about stuff, especially when it is usually ignored. In my own small way I stood up for myself when we had breakfast in one of our favourite pubs at the weekend. It was really greasy. It was tasty but greasy, so I ate it and enjoyed it to a certain extent. If I hadn’t enjoyed it I wouldn’t have eaten it. My boyfriend felt the same. Then he spotted a dead fly on his plate! We complained, and I added that the food was much more greasy than usual. We got the food on the house! I think it was the fly rather than the grease, but I felt that I had done my part without experiencing the horror of a dead fly on my plate. The poor manager was mortified. Its just as well it is one of our regular haunts or we might have been put off. We will give them one more go and see what happens next time. Complaining when you are unhappy is definitely the best thing to do, or the business can’t fix things.


    1. Oh gosh, that’s definitely worth complaining about! ew!!! As you say, unless you complain, companies just lose custom without knowing why. Being constructively critical at least gives them a chance to put it right.

      Hope your next meal there is better!


  5. I had to giggle when I read about the people you know who read your blog–and you don’t want to just tell them again in person what they either already know–or will know soon! I find myself just sort of being quiet around them–dull, boring!! I’m going on a really cool trip (to Paris) next week, and I discovered that I’ve really told very few people because I didn’t want to spoil my blog post. Is that ridiculous or what????!


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