FO Friday: When bad things happen to a good crocheter

Yes, I know, this is the post you’ve all been waiting for with great anticipation and bated breath.  Or is that just me? It’s been a tricky post to write, partly because it’s much more fun to write about success than failure, and partly because I foolishly put a polo neck on this morning, which is not the ideal garment for modelling cowls.  But since I couldn’t convince any of my colleagues to pose for me (note to self: next time, bring cake), you’ll have to make do with me looking a bit daft, mostly because it’s remarkably difficult to take a decent picture of yourself using your phone. You’ll also have to excuse the crazy hair. It has a mind of its own at the moment.

Let’s start with the one you haven’t seen.

This is a dead simple cowl, made from Rowan Biggy Print with a 10mm hook.  I have a real thing for Moebius twists, and with this yarn, I think it was the right choice.  There weren’t enough yards and the yarn is too stiff to make a big slouchy thing, so the twist gives it some body and interest.

But it’s just not me.  I can’t think of any circumstances under which I’d wear it.

Second up is the more disappointing of the two.

Yes, this is the famous Ally Pally Cowl in that gorgeous Fyberspates yarn.  It looks lovely, the colours are stunning, and I think after blocking, I’d be able to wear it without it making my neck itch too much.  Except I really, really don’t like it.  The shape is wrong for me, I made it too small, and it just doesn’t work in a way that I can’t quite describe without waving my hands around a lot and pulling a strange face.

Just like that.

The thing is, when Doris Chan was telling me about it at the show, it sounded wonderful.  When she put it on, it looked cute and stylish.  On me, I think it looks kind of limp and silly.

But in the grand traditions of clouds and silver linings, these cowls have actually taught me something: I don’t like wearing Moebius cowls.  I love looking at them, I’ve even designed one, but when it comes to neckwear, I like long and drapey.  I like to be able to wrap the ends around me, or not, or pull it over my head or tuck it into my coat.  A Moebius cowl just doesn’t give me the flexibility I want from a garment.

Oddly enough, I’m okay with these two being failures.  The Biggy Print cowl is going to go on the P-Hop board on Ravelry this evening, but if you like the look of it, just leave me a comment! It’s yours for a donation (see the button in my sidebar for more details about P-Hop).  The Ally Pally one is going to be frogged, and I’m going to make something drapey from the yarn instead.  I’ve previously used Scrumptious to make a lovely scarf, so I know what the yarn can do given half the chance.

Who knows, I might even knit with it….

And just in case this post is seeming a bit grumpy, look at these amazing colours on the tree in the courtyard where I took my pictures.

There’s a lot I don’t like about this time of year, but cold clear days and beautiful colours are something by way of compensation.

To see if other folk had more successful weeks, head over to Tami’s Ami’s here or by clicking the picture below.


14 thoughts on “FO Friday: When bad things happen to a good crocheter

  1. Hi!
    I agree with you. I wouldn’t like that around my neck, it looks like it’s choking you. I like a scarf that hangs down in front. Love the color of the yarn. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought


    1. To be fair, the choking bit is probably my fault – should have checked my gauge! But still, it’s not nearly big enough for me to love it. Hopefully the next thing I make from this lovely yarn will be more suitable!


  2. Aw, such a shame they don’t work for you – but now at least you know that as lovely as mobius cowls are, they’re not something you want to wear. Learning experiences are a silver lining to unsuccessful projects I think 😉


    1. I think as long as you can work out *why* things don’t work, it’s not so bad – you can avoid the mistakes in the future. Although I do feel a bit slow for taking 3 cowls to work this out!


  3. I’m sorry they don’t work for you. I thought the second one looked pretty good on you, but it’s your opinion that matters the most.

    Maybe since you like making mobius cowls, you could sell them?


    1. Aw, thanks – I think the colours suit me, it’s just that I don’t like how the cowl feels.

      I really wish I had the time to make things to sell at the moment! They’re definitely fun to make, though.


  4. I like the idea of cowls, but have to say that scarves are more me! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your cowls per se,but I can understand if you don’t like them on you. It’s a personal thing! However it’s great that you’re cool about the learning experience!

    I’m hating the dark mornings (esp. the 2 days of the week I have a 5:30 start!), but I like autumn for the colours and the temperatures – the crisp, bright mornings are wonderful here. And with the weather not so cool this weekend, we’ll be BBQing! That said, I love winter food … just a shame you need the cold, fog and dark for that!!


    1. I find I keep faffing with the cowls when I wear them. Whatever size I make them, they’re never quite right! But I love my shawls passionately – lesson definitely learned.

      5.30 in the winter is just GRIM. You poor thing! We have my daylight lamp come on in the morning, and I honestly can’t get up without it. As you say, the food is great, I just wish I felt like eating it in the summer 🙂


  5. I knitted a Moebius cowl once and ended up frogging it for very much the same reasons you give – I’d rather have something that gives me the choice to wear it in lots of different ways and cowls just don’t do that.


  6. Oh, that happens to me all the time! Whether it’s a certain cut of top or style of hat… I love the look and then when I make one and put it on, it’s terrible.
    I vote: frog it and re-use the lovely yarn 🙂


  7. That happens to me too. I get so excited by the look of something but then realize it won’t work for me. I think you’ve come up with a great solution though. Someone will appreciate the cowl you are giving away, and reknitting the yarn you love will be worth it.


  8. You know, the learning is just as important as the end result. FWIW I think they are cute, but when something doesn’t feel “you” it’s just no good. I was watching Doris Chan at Ally Pally and she was amazing – I am going to try Broomstick Crochet as a result – I am fully expecting that to be a “learning” experience too 😉


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