Making (my mind up) Monday

Thanks for all your lovely comments about my scarf and crazy crafting plans last week. I’m already fiddling with my list, but I feel I’m being more productive just having it, which has to be a good thing!

I got a lot of crochet done over the weekend, thanks to a nasty cold bug that meant I couldn’t join the rest of my husband’s family playing golf! We went to a cool driving range/crazy golf course called Top Golf, which turned out to have a very nice cafe – much warmer than being on the course, and I spent a couple of hours stitching away. It turned out to be quite productive, in more ways that one. I had an interesting conversation with someone that just proves you never who you might meet.

But mostly, I crocheted.

This is a granny square log cabin blanket that I’m really quite pleased with and am thinking of writing up as a pattern. It’s not just the stitch pattern, but the colours that I really feel work nicely.

And because I’m incapable of doing one thing at once…

What’s great about this picture is that everything on there is original. For all that I love making the lovely patterns that are out there, there’s nothing quite like creating something for yourself. The green is a sample for the cable class I hope to teach in a couple of weeks, and the grey is what I desperately hope is the final iteration of a scarf pattern. The latter actually started as a cardigan pattern, but since I’m not going to have time to sort out the measurements any time soon, I’ve adapted it to be a scarf. 2 new patterns in time for Christmas sounds like being pretty productive to me!

There isn’t a central ‘Making Monday’ post today, but I like posting what I’ve done anyway as it helps me keep track. I spent plenty of time over the weekend working on my crafting lists, refining, mining my stash and working out exactly what I wanted to do. It’s a nice feeling being in control for once!

The other nice feeling at the moment is the sunshine.

Yup, that’s me, sitting outside sunning myself at lunchtime. Bliss!

Did everyone else have a good weekend? What have you been making?


6 thoughts on “Making (my mind up) Monday

    1. It was a product of feeling rather ill and wanting a blanket, but also not wanting to crochet long row after long row. I loved my ripple blanket, but it nearly killed me with boredom!

      Glad you like it – will try to get the pattern written up!


  1. I love the log-cabin! I’ve log-cabinned in knitting but it never occurred to me that it’d work in crochet too. Mind you, a small granny square is currently my limit in crochet, but you’ve given me something to aspire to :-).


    1. Aw, thank you! The joy of this blanket is that if you can make a granny square, you can make it, and there’s no fiddly stitching into stitches – it’s all into the gaps!

      I’ll see if I can get it written up for folk 🙂


      1. I live in Australia and i just love your pattern of the log cabin are you going to print it up for your us to buy or down . load.
        regards Beryl Tyndall


  2. Love the log cabin blanket, haven’t seen anything like this before (I am a newbie!!) but like you get bored with the long rows on blankets … would love to try this so would welcome any pattern if and when you have the time, thank you for the inspiration 🙂


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