FO Friday: All Wrapped Up

Thanks so much for all the comments yesterday. I was a bit worried that my idea looked a bit mad from the outside, but I’m now much reassured! Speaking of comments, while I love WordPress for other features, the only thing I don’t like is that people don’t get notified when I reply to them. I *do* reply (or at least try to) to every comment, and I really wish there was a way to let people know I’m talking to them!

*waves at internet* I’m definitely talking to you! Thanks for talking back πŸ˜‰

Today’s Finished Object should, of course, have been my cowl, but I’ve run into a bit of a dilemma over it, so I’ve decided to let it sit over the weekend while I work out what I want to do.

Instead, I’m totally going to cheat and show you something I completed a while back but I don’t think I blogged about.

You know how I was saying yesterday that Shannon has awesome tutorials. This is proof! I made this infinity scarf from her tutorial here, and it’s central to my winter wardrobe.

I picked up some light, incredibly soft flannel at Darn it and Stitch, along with these lovely vintage buttons. I love how I can wrap it up tight around my neck to keep out the wind, or just let it hang loose like a regular scarf. With the recent change in the weather in the UK, I pulled it out of the garage last week and have worn it every day since. The pattern is simple and clever, and only took me an hour or so to make. Check it out!

Apologies for the headless picture, but I’m feeling like death warmed over today and it showed in every picture I took!

And do you remember yesterday that I mentioned my cunning plan for keeping track of my projects over the next year? Ta da!

To you that may just look like a row of brown paper bags, but to me, this is the promise of projects to come. My idea is to label each bag with a month, then put the supplies for each month’s projects in them. Then at the beginning of the month, I just have to grab the bag and away I go! I’m also going to parcel up ‘spare’ materials with patterns, so that if I want to mix and match, it’s all ready to go and I don’t go out and buy something specially to start making.

I did try to take a picture of them all lined up on the bookcase in the garage, but there just wasn’t enough light at 7.15 this morning. Boo 😦

How’s that for a cunning plan? The bags were ridiculously cheap from ebay and are just what I wanted, so I’m feeling rather smug right now πŸ™‚

To see other people showing off their Finished Objects (and possibly cunning plans), head over to Tami’s by clicking here or on the picture below.


14 thoughts on “FO Friday: All Wrapped Up

    1. I think it’s mostly because our flat is so chaotic at the moment. Crafting is something I can organise. The flat? Not so much :S It’s nice to feel I’m in control of something around here!


  1. That really is a cunning plan, I like it πŸ™‚ Love the infinity scarf, and I’m not surprised you’ve been wearing it a lot lately, it’s gotten damn cold!


    1. Thanks! I carried October’s bag around with me for the whole weekend, so I think it’s working!

      I’m definitely starting to contemplate some serious winter crocheting as the temperature drops!


  2. Aren’t you organized ! Great idea! Makes me think of the Yarn Harlot’s plan to bag yarn with patterns and then just reach in, grab one and get started. I’d never have the self-discipline to stick to the order though!


    1. I expect I’ll change the order a few hundred times over the year, and I’ve definitely got more projects that I want to make than can fit in the bags! I think the ‘leftovers’ will go in sandwich bags ready for grabbing – like you, I can never stick to a list!


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